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Top 25 Essential Oil DIY Recipes & Projects. DIY Cleaning, Beauty, Remedies, Diffuser, Storage & more!

Top 25 Essential Oil DIY Recipes & Projects

Top 25 Essential Oil DIY Recipes & Projects. DIY Cleaning, Beauty, Remedies, Diffuser, Storage & more! www.paintedteacup.comAs you know there are many common uses for essential oils. There are also many easy, useful, and unique essential oil DIY recipes and projects you can make to save you money! Saving money & natural products combined, how awesome is that?!? Today I wanted to share my list of the Top 25 Essential Oil DIY Recipes & Projects from some awesome essential oil bloggers!

You will find essential oil DIY recipes & projects for:

  • cleaning
  • beauty
  • remedies
  • fresh scent: home, jewelry, car
  • storage
  • & even DIY projects for kids!

Happy DIY-ing!


Essential Oil DIY: Cleaning


Homemade Floor Cleaner

Homemade Floor Cleaner Using essential oils


DIY Dryer Sheets

DIY essential oil dryer sheets


DIY Toilet Bowl Drop-In Cleaning Cubes

DIY Toilet Drop-in cleaning cubes using essential oils


Homemade Disinfectant & Cleaner

Homemade Disinfectant & Cleaner using essential oils

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Essential Oil DIY: Beauty


DIY Essential Oil Lip Scrub

Quick & Easy DIY Essential Oil Lip Scrub


DIY Deodorant Stick

DIY Essential Oil Deoderant Stick


DIY Handmade Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils


DIY 2 in 1 Makeup Remover

2 in 1 Essential Oil Makeup Remover


DIY Lip Balm

DIY Essential Oil Lip Balm


Essential Oil Foot Soak

DIY Essential Oil Foot Soak


DIY Miracle Moisturizer

DIY Miracle Moisturizer with Essential Oils


DIY All Natural Antibacterial Soap

DIY All Natural Citrus Antibacterial Soap.


Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Essential Oil Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream


DIY Fizzy Bath Bombs

Essential Oil Fizzy Bath Bombs


Homemade Lavender Rosemary Shampoo

Homemade Shampoo using Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils


DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Bars

DIY Peppermint Essential Oil Sugar Scrub Bars


Essential Oil DIY: Remedies


DIY Soothing Salve

DIY Essential Oil Soothing Salve


Sunburn Relief

DIY Sunburn Relief with Essential Oils

DIY Natural Vapor Rub

DIY Pain Relief Rub


Essential Oil DIY: for Kids


Aromatherapy Play Dough

DIY Aromatherapy Play Dough


Focus Roller Bottle for Hyper Kids

Esesential Oil Focus roller bottle for hyper kids


DIY Natural Sun Screen

DIY Natural Sunscreen with Essential Oils


Essential Oil DIY: Fresh Scent


Diffuser Locket Necklace

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace



DIY Essential Oil Car Diffuser

DIY Essential Oil Car Diffuser 


How to Make Essential Oil Candles

Hw to Make Candles with Essential Oils 


Essential Oil DIY: Storage 


Creative Storage Solutions for Essential Oils

Awesome Essential Oil Storage Round-Up
I hope you found this list of essential oil DIY projects helpful! What recipe do you plan to make? Have you made essential oil DIY recipes in the past? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I love all of these ideas. I am learning so much about essential oils from you. Thanks for sharing with us at #AnythingGoes

  2. I have just recently discovered the greatness of essential oils and I am definitely going to try several of these recipes. I am especially excited about the lavendar rosemary shampoo, dryer sheets, and disinfectant cleaner.

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