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5 Must Try Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

5 amazing Fall essential oil diffuser blends to make it smell like Autumn in your home! You are going to love these recipes!

As the weather changes from Summer to Fall, so do my favourite essential oils! I have previously shared some Fall diffuser recipes, however, this year I wanted to share some new editions with you! I recently shared 5 Roller Bottles Recipes for Fall, so I figured I should continue on with the theme and share … Read more…

Fall Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends for Sweater Weather

We have officially reached the Fall season! Here are 5 amazing Fall essential oil roller bottle blends that you need to make this Autumn!

Fall has arrived and I’m stoked! Although the weather where I live doesn’t feel like Fall quite yet, I know it will soon! As autumn moves in so does the cooler weather. Out come the sweaters, hoodies and flannels and although we complain, we secretly love the warmth and comfort of it all (I know … Read more…

Tangerine Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

5 energizing and uplifting tangerine essential oil diffuser blends! You are going to love these fresh and clean diffuser scents!

Have you tried tangerine essential oil? I was lucky enough to get a few bottles through doTERRA’s share program when I started with doTERRA. Until last month, you were only able to get tangerine through promotional programs and specials however now it is here to stay! Since tangerine may be a new oil for some, … Read more…