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A full list of my favourite essential oil supplies & accessories! Essential oil containers, carrier oils, diy supplies, tools, books, storage & more!

Essential Oil Supplies: What You Need & Where to Find It

A full list of my favourite essential oil supplies & accessories! Essential oil containers, carrier oils, diy supplies, tools, books, storage & more!When I first began using essential oils I remember feeling completely lost when trying to figure out where to find the various essential oil supplies and accessories that I needed! Today I have a created a list of essential oil supplies that eo lovers frequently use so that you have the supplies all in one place and an easy reference guide for the next time you need to make a purchase! I have broken this post down into the following categories:

  • Essential oil containers
  • Carrier oils
  • DIY essential oil supplies
  • Essential oil tools
  • Essential oil diffusers
  • Essential oil resources
  • Essential oil storage

Please note that this post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small percentage of the cost of the purchase at no additional cost to you. I have used and recommend the majority of the products below. There are a few products I have not used but I made a note of that for you.

Essential Oil Supplies: What You Need & Where to Find It

Essential Oil Containers 

Roller Bottles – I highly recommend the 10ml roller bottles from The Root & Petal! I love their roller bottles because they come in a pack of 10 and each bottle has a different coloured top making super easy to find the bottle you are looking for! Get them here!

Here is a different brand of roller bottles for Canadian’s- get them here!


Large Essential Oil Roller Bottles– These work well for blends where you would use a large quantity of the blend at a time such as a body moisturizer. They also work well for family’s who have frequently used blends as it reduces the number of times that you need to make a new batch. Get them here!

Great resources for finding places to buy essential oil roller bottles in Canada and the United States. You will also find a full list of essential oil supplies and accessories perfect for any beginner!

Spray Bottles– When making any essential oil products it is important that you always use glass or stainless steel containers as the oils can negatively react with plastic. These are the bottles I use for my essential oil sprays. Get them here!

Canadian’s you can get the same glass spray bottle here or save money with this 12 pack of 2 oz spray bottles!


Glass Mason Jars As mentioned above when making diy essential oil products such as body butter, sugar scrub, sunscreen etc it is important to use glass containers. These jars are perfect for smaller recipes like the ones listed above! Get them here!

Canadian’s get them here or get larger, more affordable mason jars here!


Lip Chap Container– I have yet to make my own lip chap but I would like to in the future. Get it here

Canadian’s here is a similar & affordable pack of lip chap tubes! Get them here!


Deodorant– If you make your own deodorant you can either use a recycled container from a store bought deodorant or you can order new containers. Get it here!


Essential Oil Labels– I find that using these labels on the tops of my bottles makes it much easier to locate the bottle I am looking for! Get them here!

Canadian’s check out these blank water proof labels! Get them here! 


Sample Bottles

1 ml Essential Oil Sample Bottles– If you share essential oils with others it is always great to have small sample bottles on hand! Get them here!

Canadians: These 1ml sample bottles are an incredible value! I know a number of people who have ordered this set and have been happy with them! Get them here!


2 ml Eessential Oil Sample Bottles– If you are looking for a slightly larger sample bottle, then this set of 24 bottles would be a great choice & they are a great price! Get them here!

Canadian’s here is a 12 pack of 2ml sample bottles! Get them here!


3ml Essential Oil Roller Bottles– Sometimes it’s nice to be able to give a blend in a roller bottle. These bottles are blue glass and come in a pack of 12. Get them here!

Canadian’s here is a set of 6 3ml roller bottles! Get them here!


Essential Oil Sample Tags– I have printable essential oil tags available in my Esty shop. This means that you can print them and use them as many times as you need. You can get tags for specific oils or get blank sample tags! See all of the sample tags here!

Printable essential oil sample tags that you can print as often as you need!



Carrier Oils

Fractionated Coconut Oil– This is the carrier oil I started using first and it is the one I use most often. It is perfect for diluting oils and making roller bottle blends! Get it here

Canadian readers, check it out here!


Grape Seed Oil– Grape seed oil is a close runner up to fractionated coconut oil (in terms of how often I use it). It is also one of the least expensive carrier oils. Get it here!

Canadian readers you can get the grapeseed oil here!


Jojoba Oil– I highly recommend using jojoba oil in recipes for skin care as it is great for the skin. The only downfall of this oil is that it is considerably more expensive than the ones listed above. Get it here!

Canadian reader’s, here is a link to jojoba oil that ships in Canada. Get it here!


These are the carrier oils I use however you could also try olive oil, avocado oil, or sweet almond oil just to name a few!


DIY Essential Oil Supplies

Coconut Oil– Coconut oil has been a main ingredient in a large majority of the essential oil diy recipes I have made! If you plan on making any diy recipes be sure to grab a jar! Get it here

Canadian’s check out the coconut oil here!


Shea Butter– I used shea butter in my body butter recipe and it is also found in many other diy skin care recipes Get it here

Canadian’s here is the shea butter that I buy! Get it here!


Cocoa Butter– Like shea butter, this is another ingredient from my body butter. Get it here

Canadian’s here is a cocoa butter that will ship to you! Get it here!


Shea Butter Soap Base– I use this soap base in my exfoliating and calming essential oil soap. Get it here!

Canadian’s check out this Shea Butter Soap Base! Get it here!


Goats Milk Soap Base– You can use goats milk soap base as an alternative to the shea soap base. Get it here!

Canadian’s check out the goat’s milk soap base here!


Castile Soap– This is an amazing ingredient for all things cleaning including soaps, shampoo, cleaning and more! A little bit of this soap goes a very long way so a bottle should last you for quite some time! Get it here

Canadian’s get your Castile soap here!


Citric Acid– Citric acid worked well to really make my bath bombs fizz! Get it here

Canadian’s get your citric acid here!


Beeswax– This is used in my vapor rub and is also found in skin care recipes, sunscreen recipes, lip chap recipes and more!  Get it here

Canadian’s here is a link to beeswax pellets! Get them here!


Zinc Oxide– This is a very common ingredient in sunscreen recipes. Get it here!


Witch Hazel– I use witch hazel in my essential oil bug spray! Get it here

Canadian’s here is a link to witch hazel you can purchase! Get it here!


Carrot Seed Oil– This is also a common ingredient in diy sunscreen recipes! Get it here

Canadian’s here is a link to carrot seed oil! See it here!


Epsom Salt– Epsom salts are wonderful for nice relaxing baths! Learn how to make your own essential oil bath salts here. I also used epsom salt in my bath bombsGet it here

Canadian’s get your epsom salt here!


Vitamin E Oil Vitamin E Oil is wonderful for your skin and is found in many DIY skin care products. Get it here

Canadian’s get your vitamin E oil here!

Essential Oil Tools

Soap Mold– This is the mold that I use to make my square bars of essential oil soap. Get it here

Canadian’s get your soap molds here!


Bath Bomb Mold– You do not have to use a mold for your bath bombs (I used muffin tin liners) however these molds create a nice uniform shape. Get it here!

Canadian’s here is a great set of bath bomb molds! Get them here!


Droppers– Some oils such as vetiver are very thick and are hard to pour out of the bottle. These droppers can be stored in the bottle (replacing the lid) to help make dispensing of essential oils much easier! Get it here!


Funnel– If you are making essential oil roller bottle blends then you may find these funnels helpful to ensure that you do not spill any of your oils. Get it here

Canadian’s get your stainless steel funnels here!


Essential Oil Key Tool– Getting the top off of essential oil bottles and roller bottles can be quite hard to do. This tool makes it a breeze by helping you to quickly pry off the orifice/roller bottle top. Get it here

Canadian’s get your essential oil key tool here!


Nasal Inhalers– Using a nasal inhaler is a great way to benefit from the aroma of essential oils while on the go! Get it here

Canadian’s get your nasal inhaler tubes here!


Essential Oil Diffusers

Quooz Rockano Diffuser– This is one of my favourite diffusers because I love the unique look! Check out my review here to learn about all of the features this diffuser offers! Get it here!

Canadian’s get your Rockano diffuser here!


Quooz Lull Diffuser– This diffuser is made by the same company as the Rockano and has a very sleek, modern design! Be sure to check out my review of this diffuser. Get it here!

Canadian’s get your Lull diffuser here!


AromaAce– This diffuser is awesome if you want to use a single oil as you just attach the bottle right to the diffuser. It doesn’t require water making it very easy to pack and travel with! Get it here!


Car Diffuser– Having a diffuser in the car works wonders on long road trips as you can add some peppermint and wild orange to help give you an energy boost while driving! Get it here

Canadian’s get your car diffuser here!


Diffusing Jewelry– I love my diffusing jewelry as it allows me to enjoy the aroma of my favourite essential oils everywhere I go! You can read this post to learn more about the benefits of diffusing jewelry and to see some of my pieces. This company is located in the US but ships to Canada. I have a number of their pieces and love them! Get it here!


Essential Oil Resources

Modern Essentials Book– This book is a wonderful resource and answers just about any question you may have when it comes to essential oils! Be sure to check out my review of this book to learn about all of the features! Get it here!

Essential Oils Made Easy: DIY Diffuser & Roller Bottle Recipes– This is my essential oil ebook which came out in March 2016! My intent was to make this ebook affordable while also sharing diffuser & roller bottle recipes and recommendations for using individual oils. Check out everything featured my ebook here!

Emotions & Essential Oils– This book shares very useful information about how you can use essential oils to help support your emotional health! Get it here!


Essential Oil Storage

Essential Oil/Nail Polish Storage Rack– This rack is very similar to what I have. My plastic essential oil shelf unit is actually a nail polish holder but it works amazingly well for storing my oils! It can be mounted to the wall however I just have mine on the bathroom counter leaning against the wall which has been working fine! Get it here!


Essential Oil Storage Box– This box holds 25 essential oils and makes storage a breeze! I have 3 of these boxes so clearly I like them very much! Get it here

Canadian’s get your storage box here!


Multi-Tray Essential Oil Storage Box– I was so excited when I received this storage box as a Christmas Gift! I love it because not only does it store lots of my oils, I can also use it to store roller bottles as well! Get it here!


Large Essential Oil Storage Box– I don’t have this box yet but it is one I would like to get in the future as it holds 87 bottles, including room for roller bottles! Get it here!

Canadian’s while you can’t get the huge box in Canada you can get this beautiful 72 bottle case!


Essential oil storage boxes to help keep your essential oil collection organized! Click to see more great ideas for essential oil supplies and accessories!

Fun Essential Oil Accessories

Essential Oil Socks– Ok I am biased but I LOVE my essential oil socks! They make a great gift for any essential oil lover! They ship to both Canada and the US! See them here!

If you can read this bring me my oils. Socks for essential oil lovers!


Essential Oil Printables- There are lots of pretty essential oil printables in my Etsy shop as well! These are perfect for hanging in your home or to give as a gift. These are digital downloads so you recieve the document after payment and can print either at home or a print shop. You can see all of the printables here!

Here are just a few…


Looking for Great Deals?

Be sure to join the Facebook group for your country where I share deals on essential oil supplies and accessories! Click the image to request to join!

Great deals on essential oil supplies and accessories in Canada


Get great deals on essential oil supplies and accessories in the US!


There you have it, my recommended list of essential oil supplies!

Did I miss anything that should be added to the list?


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