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Ideas for ways that you can use essential oils during the holidays! Add Christmas into every day using these natural ideas!

How to Use Essential Oils this Holiday Season

Here are some fun & creative ways that you can use essential oils around the house this holiday season! A great way to introduce essential oils to visitors!Only 2 weeks today until Christmas, can you believe it! Time has been flying so fast this year! Today I wanted to share some great ways to use essential oils this Christmas! These are all super easy items that you can implement in very little time!

As an added benefit, these ideas are a great way to introduce essential oils to friends and family who many be visiting this holiday season!

How to Use Essential Oils this Holiday Season

DIY Essential Oil Christmas Ornaments

I made these ornaments last year and I love them (I realize I am likely biased haha). They were packed safely but the clay held up well and they look the same this year as the did last year! The scent did go away over the year in storage though so I had to add a few drops of oil to each ornament this year which was super easy to do! You can use any oils you like. You can either do all of your ornaments the same or mix it up with different scents!

Get the directions to make your own Essential Oil Scented Christmas Ornaments here!


Scented Holiday Centerpieces  

Do you make your own holiday centerpieces? If you are using any wooden components such as twigs, bark or pine cones then you can add oils to your creation! Imagine a centerpiece that is free of flowers but still smells amazing!! I would start by adding 1 or 2 drops to your centerpiece and go from there. Choose any scent you like, if I was doing this I would likely choose to use cinnamon!

Holiday Diffuser Blends & Recipes

One of my favourite things about using essential oils around the holidays is that you can change the scent each day with very little effort! Also it is a great natural scent alternative to air fresheners and other scented items.

Holiday Joy– One of my favourite essential oil blends for the holiday season is called Holiday Joy and is made my doTERRA! The best way I can describe the scent of Holiday Joy is ‘Christmas-in-a-bottle’. Learn more about Holiday Joy.

Holiday Scented Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes – In this post I have shared 10 different holiday scented essential oil diffuser blends from around the internet!

Get the 10 holiday scented recipes here!

Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

Make your own foaming hand soap using this recipe and add the holiday scent of your choice to it! Some scents that come to mind are Holiday Joy, Peppermint, Spearmint or Douglas Fir! Really you can add any oil you like! I am tempted to try cinnamon (because I love the scent this time of year) but since it is a ‘hot oil’ I have decided not to use it. You can learn more about hot oils here!

DIY Essential Oil Gift Ideas

Are you looking to make a DIY essential oil gift for your loved one this year? I have rounded up recipes for sugar scrub, body butter, bath bombs, body soap and much more!

See all of the DIY Essential Oil Gift Ideas here!


I hope this has helped to give you some ideas for how to use essential oils around your home this winter & holiday season!

Wishing you and your family a safe & happy holiday season!


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