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How to create SMART goals that you will actually accomplish. Plus a free SMART goal worksheet to help create successful goals.

How to Create SMART Goals that you will ACTUALLY Accomplish!

How to create goals you will ACTUALLY accomplish! Plus a FREE goal setting worksheet to help you create SMART Goals. www.paintedteacup.comAs many of you know the main topic on my blog so far has been essential oils! Today I wanted to share how I create and accomplish my blogging goals. Without this strategy I can safely say that Painted Teacup would not have progressed at the rate it has (more about this later).

Many of you have heard of S.M.A.R.T Goals. These are goals that I use in my job working with others as a social worker and how I plan and accomplish goals in my personal life including blogging and building my essential oil business.

Ok so what are S.M.A.R.T Goals?






How to we create SMART Goals?

Let’s look at one of my May blogging goals. I want to increase page views on my blog. I will go through different ways this goal can be written and I will show you what my success has been on this specific goal so far this month.

How to create SMART Goals that you can ACTUALLY Accomplish. Goal Setting Made Easy! Free printable goal setting worksheet. www.paintedteacup.comI have created a FREE SMART Goals Worksheet to help you create goals that you can actually accomplish!

BAD = I want to increase page views on my blog to grow my audience.

(You will notice an ‘X’ beside the parts that have not been achieved in the written goal)

X Specific- What does increase views mean? How much of an increase do I want to see?

X Measurable- How will I know when I have reached my goal?

X Attainable- How am I going to accomplish this goal?

Relevant- Is this a goal worth trying to achieve? Yes! Growing my audience will help to bring more exposure to my blog and will allow my blog to continue to grow.

X Time-specific- when do I want to see an increase by?

With this goal, I have only met 1/5 parts of a SMART goal. If I keep this wording, I will most likely not be successful in growing my audience at the rate I would like.


BETTER = I want to increase monthly page views on my blog in May to grow my audience.

Specific- This goal is now specific as I have stated that I want to increase monthly page views.

X Measurable- This goal is still missing a measurable part. What does increase mean? How will I know when I have accomplished it?

X Attainable- I still have no idea how I am going to accomplish this goal. As it stands I am going to end up spinning my wheels trying a bunch of different tactics without a specific strategy.

Relevant- Is this a goal worth trying to achieve? Yes! I want to increase my views and this is something I will benefit from working towards.

Time-specific- I have now stated that I want to reach this goal in May. Since it is monthly page views that I want to increase, the plan is to reach this goal by the end of May.

This goal is improving, it is now specific, relevant, and time-specific but there is still room for improvement to create a solid goal which I can actually accomplish!


BEST = I will have 4,000 monthly page views by the end of May, 2015 to grow my audience. I reach this goal by focusing on increasing my social media presence and by guest blogging on other blogs. I will also start a weekly link-party on my blog.

Specific- This goal is specific as it states a specific number of page views.

Measurable- This is now measurable as it states I will have 4,000 page views. This is something that will be very easy to track using my site statistics.

Attainable- I have stated specific areas that I would like to work on to grow my audience and reach my 4, 000 page views. Please note that I still would have to create specific S.M.A.R.T goals for each of my focus areas i.e. what does increase social media presence mean and how will I do this?… but that is for another time!

Relevant- Is this a goal worth trying to achieve? Yes! I want to increase my views and this is something I will benefit from working towards.

Time-specific- I have now specifically stated that I want to reach 4, 000 page views by the end of May, 2015. The end of the month is now specifically stated and no longer implied.


Other key factors that have helped me to work towards my goals:

  • Write your goals down and look at them often! Each month I create a new word document for my monthly goals which I review every few days and look at them often.
  • A virtual or physical vision board that you can look at daily can also help to keep you focused… more on this on a later post!
  • Believe you can accomplish your goals and stay focused!
  • Tell someone about your goals, this will help keep you accountable! Now I have told you about one of my big goals. This will help me really help to keep me focused over the next 7 days to reach my goal!


Am I on track to reach my goal this month?

As of now (afternoon of May 24, 2015) I am still about 1, 500 views away from my goal. That being said, since I have started my blog, I have written all of my goals and I have pushed myself to really strive to meet my goals. I am confident that I can reach or come very close to my goal of 4, 000 page views by the end of the month! Confidence, consistency, accountability (to self and others), and persistence is key!

Here are my monthly stats since I started my blog of March 14, 2015. As you can see I set my goal for May quite high (compared to April) and I am well on my way to reaching my goal 🙂


May Goal, increase page views. May stats.


If you didn’t already, please download my setting SMART Goals Worksheet!

How do you hold yourself accountable in reaching your goals? I would love to hear the goal you have created using the worksheet!


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  1. I love the idea of using SMART to make goals, though I usually forget to actually incorporate them into my goal making. This is a great reminder as I’m working on my June goals now.

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