5 Essential Oils for Digestion That You Are Sure to Love!

This post is all about essential oils for digestion! Learn which oils can help support healthy digestion & help alleviate uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

These days everyone I know seems to struggle with digestive issues in one way or another. Whether it means feeling bloated, constipated, nauseated, in pain, or having the dreaded diarrhea…. Yes I went there… but the title does say ‘digestion’… continue reading at your own risk 😛 Update 4/21/2017: this post was updated to include … Read more…

Essential Oil Safety Guide for Natural Health & Wellness

When it comes to essential oil safety there are important things you should be aware of such as dilution, application, use with children, storage & more!

  Although essential oils have many benefits when it comes to naturally supporting health & wellness, it is important to know that they are VERY potent. Did you know it takes it takes 30 pounds of lavender to create ONE 15ml bottle of doTERRA lavender essential oil?! Due to the potency levels it is extremely important … Read more…

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