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Canadian Deals on Essential Oil Supplies & Accessories

Find great savings and deals on Canadian essential oil supplies & accessories! This post is always changing so check back often!

This is a place to come find great deals on Canadian essential oil supplies and accessories. Many of the deals/specials you see will be from Amazon, however, there will be other Canadian businesses as well as my own Etsy store. Important Notes: -I will update this post regularly, however, I cannot promise that I will … Read more…

How to Protect Yourself When Using Photosensitive Essential Oils

When using photosensitive essential oils it is extremely important that you take safety precautions. Get a list of photosensitive oils and application tips.

If you spend any time at all on social media, you have likely seen pictures of people with burns on their skin after using essential oils and going out in the sun or after being exposed to UV rays when tanning. These photos created many strong opinions among the essential oil community. As essential oil … Read more…

But You Don’t Look Sick: An Open Letter About Life with an Invisible Illness

An open letter to those who believe people with an invisible illness are faking or lazy. It highlights the reality of living with an invisible illness. Life with chronic pain, mental illness and invisible illnesses

The Reality of Living with an Invisible Illness This letter is dedicated to those who believe people who live with an invisible illness are lazy, faking, lying and any other negative thoughts you may have because they ‘don’t look sick’. This letter is not written from a mean-spirited or bitter place, rather I am writing … Read more…