Essential Oil Recipe Journal

Should I Use Essential Oils?

Should I Use Essential Oils, flowchart

Are you wondering if you should use essential oils? The flowchart below should help you to make that decision and hopefully it will give you a laugh as well 🙂   Don’t forget to enter your email below to get a copy of my ‘Ultimate Essential Oil Survival Guide: How to Get Relied from Sun … Read more…

Pain Got You Down?

Essential Oils for Pain. Muscle & joint main, nerve pain, headaches, menstrual pain and more!

Everyone at some point or another experiences pain. Pain can be related to tension, joints, menstruation and much more. Essential oils are great in helping you to support these systems to help temporarily ease the discomfort you may be experiencing. Joint & Muscle Aches I will start with the soothing blend. This blend is made … Read more…

Ultimate Essential Oil Summer Survival Guide: How to Get Relief from Sun Burns, Bug Bites, Hangovers & More!

Ultimate Essential Oil Summer Survival Guide: How to get Relief from Sun Burns, Bug Bites, Hangovers & More!

How to Naturally Protect your Family This Summer with Essential Oils! My FREE Ultimate Essential Oil Summer Survival Guide will help you to naturally support your family’s health and wellness all summer long! GET IT NOW! Enter your name and email below to get your FREE guide immediately! Included in this guide:: Variety of summer … Read more…

5 Essential Oils for Digestion That You Are Sure to Love!

This post is all about essential oils for digestion! Learn which oils can help support healthy digestion & help alleviate uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

These days everyone I know seems to struggle with digestive issues in one way or another. Whether it means feeling bloated, constipated, nauseated, in pain, or having the dreaded diarrhea…. Yes I went there… but the title does say ‘digestion’… continue reading at your own risk 😛 Update 4/21/2017: this post was updated to include … Read more…

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