Essential Oil Recipe Journal

Bergamot Diffuser Blends that Inspire Joy and Hope

Wonderful bergamot diffuser blends to inspire joy and hope. These recipes combine bergamot essential oil with other essential oils to help lift your mood! #diffuserblends #essentialoils #bergamot #bergamotessentialoil #diffuserrecipe

I love Bergamot diffuser blends because they offer a positive long lasting effect. They are versatile and have a beautifully, sweet aroma that reminds me of sweet lemon zest. It’s the perfect essential oil to infuse your blend with positive energy! This is the second of 4 bergamot posts for the month of January: 5 … Read more…

5 Wonderful Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil

Here are 5 wonderful benefits of bergamot essential oil including benefiting mood, helping with skin irritations, aiding in digestion & more!

Thanks to wonderful suggestions by Painted Teacup reader’s I will be focusing on a new oil each month! This means that each month there will be a post (like this one) with ways to use the oil, diffuser blends using the oil of the month, roller bottle recipes using the oil of the month and … Read more…