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But You Don’t Look Sick: An Open Letter About Life with an Invisible Illness

An open letter to those who believe people with an invisible illness are faking or lazy. It highlights the reality of living with an invisible illness. Life with chronic pain, mental illness and invisible illnesses

The Reality of Living with an Invisible Illness This letter is dedicated to those who believe people who live with an invisible illness are lazy, faking, lying and any other negative thoughts you may have because they ‘don’t look sick’. This letter is not written from a mean-spirited or bitter place, rather I am writing … Read more…

14 Effective Natural Joint Pain Remedies to Help Relieve Pain

Natural joint pain remedies to help effectively reduce & manage pain from arthritis, gout, lupus, bursitis & other conditions causing joint inflammation.

Today I have a wonderful guest post to from Jessica Williams to share with you! In this post Jessica shares a variety of natural joint pain remedies to help you manage and relieve pain both on a daily basis and during flare ups! Living with inflammation and joint pain can be extremely difficult to deal … Read more…

The Most Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Chronic Pain

Easy to use information about the benefits of eating a diet with anti-inflammatory foods for chronic pain relief/support!

I am very excited to share this guest post from Kira of A Nourished Life! In this post Kira shares easy to understand information about the benefits of eating a diet with anti-inflammatory foods for chronic pain relief/support as well as a list of the top 10 anti-inflammatory foods! I for one plan to add … Read more…

Chronic Illness and Parenting: How to Manage the Tough Days

In this guest post Shannon talks about chronic illness and parenting and shares her strategies for parenting and getting through the tough days!

I am so honoured to share this beautifully written guest post from Shannon MacFarlane today! Shannon opens up about the reality of chronic illness and parenting. Shannon gets very real about her life as a parent and a person living with multiple chronic illnesses! She shares truths, wisdom and advice in such a raw and … Read more…

Natural Pain Remedies to Make Your Day More Manageable

Natural pain remedies to help manage various types of chronic pain and chronic illness! Natural pain management techniques, supplements & homemade remedies

Thanks to TV commercials many of us are very aware of various prescription and over the counter medications that help with various types of pain. However thanks to these commercials we are also very aware of the side effects that can accompany the medication. Today I wanted to share some natural pain remedies that can … Read more…

9 Chronic Illness Quotes to Comfort You During a Flare Up

Quotes that will comfort anyone with a chronic pain or chronic illness flare up!

  Living with a chronic illness of any kind is very challenging and this is especially true during flare ups! I have complied this list of 9 chronic illness quotes to help comfort you on days when you are struggling! I hope these quotes help to comfort and inspire you on difficult days! If you … Read more…