Essential Oil Recipe Journal

The Best Essential Oils for Freshening Up Your Home

Learn about the best essential oils for freshening up your home! These 5 essential oils will leave your home smelling fresh and clean!

Essential oils have completely changed my household cleaning routine! I love that they’re a natural alternative to those toxic chemicals that are in most cleaners and I get to save money by using what I already have on hand. With essential oils, a little goes along way and only a few drops are needed. To keep … Read more…

How to Naturally Remove Dog Stains and Odours

How to Naturally Remove Dog Stains and Odours. Easy recipes using the items in your home and also how to use essential oils for dog odours.

I am so excited to bring you another wonderful GUEST POST with natural cleaning solutions! This post is from Anna Aamone from Pro Carpet Cleaners! Also check out Anna’s previous post about the best essential oils for cleaning! Stay up to date with everything Anna is up to by following her on Google+ Without further ado, let … Read more…

The Best Essential Oils for Cleaning Your Home

A list of the best essential oils to clean your home, their uses and their cleaning proprieties. Also included is an all-purpose essential oil cleaning recipe.

I am excited that we have a fabulous guest writing today’s post! Anna Aamone runs DCP Tenancy Cleaners and she is the queen of clean! She is going to share the best essential oils for cleaning and also provide you with a standard cleaning recipe you can use. Based on her recommendations, you can add … Read more…

Top 25 Essential Oil DIY Recipes & Projects

Top 25 Essential Oil DIY Recipes & Projects. DIY Cleaning, Beauty, Remedies, Diffuser, Storage & more!

As you know there are many common uses for essential oils. There are also many easy, useful, and unique essential oil DIY recipes and projects you can make to save you money! Saving money & natural products combined, how awesome is that?!? Today I wanted to share my list of the Top 25 Essential Oil … Read more…

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