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5 Great Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends for Gift Giving

Looking for DIY essential oil gift ideas? Here are 5 great essential oil roller bottle blends for gift giving! A great easy & affordable homemade gift idea! #essentialoils #essentialoilrollerbottleblends #rollerbottlerecipes #essentialoilgift #essentialoilrecipe #rollerball #rollerbottlegift

Essential oils make fantastic gifts; they are thoughtful and include a personal touch. Friends and family won’t be disappointed and if you know someone who keeps thinking about trying them, it’s an opportunity for them to experience the amazing benefits firsthand. I prefer to put together my own blends for gifting because  I can cater … Read more…

Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers & Gift Ideas

Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers & Essential Oil Gift Ideas | Essential Oil Gifts | Essential Oil Christmas Gift Ideas

I am later than I would have liked with this post but since some of you are still doing your holiday shopping I thought I would share some essential oil stocking stuffers as well as some essential oil gift ideas! I am tried my best to find items that can be purchased in both Canada … Read more…

16 Essential Oil Tshirts You Are Sure to Love

So many cute and fun essential oil tshirts that make the perfect gift for any essential oil lover's birthday or special holiday! Click to see all 16 tshirts!

I was browsing around on Amazon and I found so many cute an unique essential oil tshirts so I thought I would collect them all into one post and share them with you! For my Canadian readers, there are a handful of shirts in this post that look like the will ship to you (I … Read more…