Essential Oil Recipe Journal

5 Holiday Themed Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends

5 easy & affordable essential oil roller bottle blends that are perfect for the holidays! Make these blends for yourself or give them as a Christmas gift! Essential oil roller bottle blends | DIY roller bottle blends | Roller bottle recipes | christmas roller bottle recipes #essentialoils #christmasblends #rollerbottle #diy

The holiday season is officially here! I love having the tree up (doing that this weekend) and getting into the holiday spirit! Since we are getting in the holiday spirit here, I thought it would be fitting to share holiday essential oil roller bottle blends as my 3rd DIY recipe post in my 5 post … Read more…

DIY Essential Oil Hair Recipes for All Hair Types

Easy All natural DIY essential oil hair recipes for every hair type including hair that id naturally dry & oily. You will also find DIY recipes for hair growth, shampoo, conditioner, detangler spray, hair masks and more!

There are so many wonderful ways that we can use essential oils in our beauty and personal hygiene routine! Although my post with 75 essential oil beauty recipes covers some hair care recipes, I wanted to take a deeper dive in this post! This post covers just about everything you need to know about caring … Read more…

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