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Essential Oil Skin Moisturizer Recipes for Beautiful Hydrated Skin

Are you looking for natural solutions to help manage dry skin? Today I want to share essential oil skin moisturizer recipes for soft hydrated skin!

In the cold months many of us struggle with dry skin, usually on our hands, face and lips! That being said, dry skin is something many people deal with year round and it is something that essential oils can definitely help with! Today I want to share different ideas for essential oil skin moisturizer that … Read more…

The Best Essential Oils for Freshening Up Your Home

Learn about the best essential oils for freshening up your home! These 5 essential oils will leave your home smelling fresh and clean!

Essential oils have completely changed my household cleaning routine! I love that they’re a natural alternative to those toxic chemicals that are in most cleaners and I get to save money by using what I already have on hand. With essential oils, a little goes along way and only a few drops are needed. To keep … Read more…

Essential Oil Quotes That Make Perfect Sense to EO Lovers!

If you are an essential oil lover than these essential oil quotes are sure to make you chuckle! Essential Oil Quotes That Make Perfect Sense to EO Lovers!

I love sharing quotes of all kinds because they are something we can all easily relate to! Today I thought I would share some essential oil quotes that I think all essential oil lovers will be able to relate to! If you loved my post about funny truths that essential oil lovers will understand then … Read more…