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9 Quotes to Read When You Are Feeling Anxious

Living with anxiety and other mental health conditions is extremely challenging. Here are some quotes to help comfort you when you are feeling anxious!

Anxiety can be incredibly frightening. Not to mention isolating! When my journey with anxiety first began in the Spring I found myself looking for quotes to help me feel less alone which resulted in me writing 15 Quotes People Living with Anxiety will Understand.  That post seems to have connected very well with people so … Read more…

Essential Oil Quotes That Make Perfect Sense to EO Lovers!

If you are an essential oil lover than these essential oil quotes are sure to make you chuckle! Essential Oil Quotes That Make Perfect Sense to EO Lovers!

I love sharing quotes of all kinds because they are something we can all easily relate to! Today I thought I would share some essential oil quotes that I think all essential oil lovers will be able to relate to! If you loved my post about funny truths that essential oil lovers will understand then … Read more…

9 Chronic Illness Quotes to Comfort You During a Flare Up

Quotes that will comfort anyone with a chronic pain or chronic illness flare up!

  Living with a chronic illness of any kind is very challenging and this is especially true during flare ups! I have complied this list of 9 chronic illness quotes to help comfort you on days when you are struggling! I hope these quotes help to comfort and inspire you on difficult days! If you … Read more…

15 Quotes for When You Are Feeling Stressed Out

Are you feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or frustrated? Try reading these 15 stressed out quotes to help you feel better when you are feeling stressed!

  Some days seem to be harder than others! On particularly rough days I tend to turn to the internet (particularly pinterest) to find quotes to help me feel better! It seems that more and more it is become the norm to be doing a bunch of things at once and constantly running from one … Read more…

8 Beautiful Quotes to Celebrate World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day  November 13th is a very important day to celebrate and is one we should be celebrating year round… well in my opinion anyway 🙂 November 13th is World Kindness Day! This is an awesome opportunity for you to do a random act of kindness today, tomorrow, and year round! How will you … Read more…

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