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12 Funny Truths Only Essential Oil Lovers Will Understand

12 Funny Truths Only Essential Oil Lovers Will Understand

12 Funny Truths Only Essential Oil Lovers Will Understand. www.paintedteacup.comI have found that essential oils great bonds and friendships in many ways. Although you may not know many other essential oil lovers, I think all of us can relate to all or most of the points below!

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12 Funny  Truths Only Essential Oil Lovers Will Understand

1. The obsession. See someone struggling with an ailment? You feel the need to tell them about essential oils whether you know them or not. Some of us are luckier than others and are able to think before we let the words ‘essential oils’ slip our lips.



2. The instant connection you make with a complete stranger when you learn that they also use essential oils.

3. Just one more drop. Like you could JUST get 1 drop… or 2…. No matter how many drops you are going for… you always get one more than you planned… so you go with it and think next time you will get it.

4. Thinking ok, this time I will ACTUALLY only use 2 drops… and then the third one comes… those oil droplets are sneaky little devils!

5. The look you get when you tell a non-essential oil user to use oils… I don’t think I need to explain further. It is like you have 5 heads and are a crazy hippie- all with one look… I’m telling you these ‘non-believers’ are talented when it comes to facial expressions.

6. The words: hippy, voodoo, witchcraft and more that I can’t think of this second. We have all heard it… most likely from the men in our lives :p

7. Cringing when you see a $5 bottle of drug store essential oil. You want to scream… “THIS SAYS PURE BUT IT ISN’T PURE”… but that would be inappropriate



8. The excitement you feel when you break the seal on a new bottle of essential oil and are about to smell its beautiful (or unpleasant) aroma. Stinky or not, it is still exciting!



9. The addiction. The need for MORE OILS. It doesn’t matter how many you have… you always want more. And there is nothing better than seeing that beautiful brown box at your door when another shipment has come in!



10. The sweet, sweet victory of getting a ‘non-believer’ to try essential oils and for them to admit they actually work. And then the need (well this may only be me) to go on saying “wait, what? You mean the hippie oils actually work?!?! And here this whole time I thought they were voodoo”. This is usually followed by unappreciative glares from said person. Read my husband’s sorry of how he went from an essential oil skeptic to believer HERE!

11. There’s an oil for that… need I say more?!?



12. Just when you think you have found all the ways to use a particular oil, you find another use! It’s like Christmas morning over and over!

Am I crazy or is this true? Well I am definitely somewhat crazy… after all I am a hippy voodoo loving essential oil user 🙂 But seriously, can you relate to these points? If so, share this post with other essential oil lovers you know! 

35 thoughts on “12 Funny Truths Only Essential Oil Lovers Will Understand”

  1. Lol people think pure is pure and most of the time it’s not. I know that the smell or aroma is so refreshing when you open up that bottle. Goodness I think I want a bottle just to do that. I will be in sniff heaven.

  2. This was a great read. I don’t understand these yet, but I’m sure I will soon. I just recently started up with essential oils because I heard about the benefits for breathing and headaches. By this time next year, I’ll be another essential oil insider. LOL

  3. My friend is really into essential oils. All I know about them is that there’s a difference between the topical ones, and the one you ingest. I am having a hive breakout every evening until morning (around 7pm to 7am… It likes the 12 hour spurts I guess), going on since July 16. I was on steroid pills, and since they’ve all gone, I didn’t want to take another shot/needle of steroid, so instead I’m taking allergy pills which seems to work (because they go down during the day, even though I take a benedryl at night). OMG SORRY long comment. But do you have ANY idea as to what sort of essential oils might help soothe the itching or bring down the hives? I mean.. they bounce around everywhere. Last night they were on my arms. This morning they’re on my legs/face. 🙁

    • In my experience that is a sign that you may need to do a cleanse. The skin tells us when there is something wrong with the body. Lavender will help with the itching, but if you are wanting to get down to the root problem, I would suggest a cleanse. There are many of them out there. I would be happy to share with you the one I have used (and currently using) in the past. Hope you are able to get some relief.

    • Nancy, I hope this has long since cleared up. We ran into this problem last fall after my son had surgery for ingrown toenails. A couple of days after surgery he began to randomly break out with huge patches of hives. After trying changes in his post op routine with no luck the Dr. said his best guess was that the liver was releasing stuff in spurts for his system to eliminate. I stuck with benadryl and cortisone cream when it happened and it stopped after about a week.

  4. Love this post! I have been using and blending TRUE EO’s for over two decades! My entire family has a running joke that whenever ANYONE gets s scratch or cut they all say in unison “Put Tea Tree Oil On It” then look at me and laugh. Funny thing is that now they are all TRUE believers due to me forcing it on them and seeing how well it works AND of course now since every Tom Dick and Harry is putting it in their products! Oh and my biggest pet peeve … when you see an oil BLEND that is not even using REAL EOs to begin with calling their product a 100% pure EO – a BLEND can’t be 100% PURE of anything as PURE implies only one specific oil which is 100% pure. I hope that made sense – only half way through 1st cup of coffee. Organic of course 🙂

    • Hi Joely, my oil bible says lemon oil, thieves oil (Young Living Co) myrrh, peppermint. Add 1 drop to 8 oz. rice milk or other beverage and drink. Or Add 3-5 drops oils to 3-5 drops V-6 oil in it (YL) capsule and swallow)

  5. Hah, this is SO true! We’ve been using essential oils for a long time with our work, but I just started using them personally. They’re absolutely fantastic! And I can’t remember how many times it was “just two drops.” 😉

  6. It’s really funny how like minds connect even if you’re a total stranger with the other person. It’s the same thing as when collectors of toys, figures, magazines, and books talk. They happen to understand each other instantly the moment they start sharing about items and hobbies.

  7. What a fun post! I guess I still fall into the hippie vodoo category, because I have yet to try essential oils. But I have friends that swear by them, so maybe someday I’ll fall victim to (or be healed by) essential oils, and I’ll be a believer. (=

  8. I can so relate to all of this! I have recently falling in love with essential oils, and love to find all the ways I can use them now. I have been struggling with the whole to many drops coming out of the bottle quite the a few times.

  9. I can relate, too. I have recently learned about essential oils. I like using the oils and I’m enjoying finding out all their uses. I love it when I meet people that use essential oils, you are right about that instant connection.

  10. I’ve dabbled in essential oils over the years and I thought this list was hilarious! Are they really selling it in drugstores now? I used to have to go to the food co-op or a natural food store to get my oils.

  11. I absolutely love essential oils and it’s incredible healing powers. I can definitely relate to the quote “there’s an oil for that” because there really is an oil for almost anything out there. I also cringe when ib see falsely advertised and deceiving levels out there.

  12. Oh my goodness this is so funny. I was introduced to essential oils by two of my neighbors. I have to admit I did think they were a little crazy at first but now I am hooked. I use them a lot to help my son who has asthma.

  13. Love this!! and yes, I can relate to each and every point! I have recently decided to try and supplement my income with the oils — but not one person is biting. SO, I’ve decided to take on a “teach” attitude. If money comes out of it – so be it!

  14. Such truths. Made me smile I live this everyday. The attorney that works in my office even asked me if I could be burned at the stake as a witch. Love it!

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