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3 Easy New Year's Resolutions for An Essential Oil Beginner. Plus a printable tracker sheet to help you use essential oils daily.

3 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for An Essential Oil Beginner

3 Easy New Year's Resolutions for An Essential Oil Beginner. Plus a printable tracker sheet to help you use essential oils daily. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a fun and safe evening and is ready for amazing things in 2016!

Today we have a fabulous guest post to help inspire you with easy steps to start regularly using essential oils in 2016! Aimee blogs at Hearth and Caravan. Married to her best friend for 12 years, this mom of four, multi-passionate, budding entrepreneur, and artist loves sharing all about essential oils, home, travel and adventure.

Let’s turn it over to Aimee!

3 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for An Essential Oil Beginner

How did it happen that we’re here again? You are making the same New Year’s resolution for the third year in a row, with no actual hope of being committed to it for the long haul… I feel your pain. I was right there with you. Then I decided to try something different this year, and I want you along for the ride. Let’s make a resolution that is FUN TO KEEP!

In August of 2015 I started a different path to wellness by incorporating essential oils, supplements and vitamins into my daily routines, and it has honestly been the easiest change I have ever made. It wasn’t even hard to commit to, because I was so excited to start using my oils! Sometimes all it takes is a catalyst to a healthier path, and for me, it has been essential oils. By adding immune boosting oils first, then slowly changing most of my home and beauty items over to a homemade or essential oil version I have removed tons of toxins from my home and added health and wellness to my family! I know essential oils can be overwhelming for someone just starting out, so here is the proposal: We’ll do it a little at a time and make a New Year’s Resolution that you actually look forward to keeping.

You’re going to kick-start your year by adding a healthy oil-specific habit for the first six weeks. Here we go!

Weeks 1 and 2

Let’s start with an immune boosting blend of oils. Depending on your essential oil company of choice, there will be a specific blend to help boost your immune system. (Mine includes cinnamon, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, and clove.) Use a roller bottle or fitment to apply this oil to the soles of each foot every morning as you are getting ready for your day, and especially when you are planning on being around many other people or people who may be ill. This blend will get you in the habit of using your oils every day, and there is no better time to boost your immune system than in the middle of winter! That’s it for Weeks 1 & 2! Isn’t that the easiest resolution ever?? This is the perfect way to ease into your year of adding wellness to your life. You can find out more about how I use this blend HERE and HERE.

Weeks 3 and 4

Weeks 3 and 4 we will focus on making our skin more beautiful by adding Frankincense into our daily routine! Each evening as you are getting ready for bed, brushing your teeth and washing your face, we will add a drop or two of Frankincense to our hands, cup them over our nose and mouth and take a deep breath in. Then, take your hands and rub the frankincense into your forehead and all over your face. This is a treat for your senses and skin! If you have never used Frankincense before, make sure to test your skin for sensitivity and feel free to use a carrier oil.

Weeks 5 and 6

I’m very aware that fitness might be a focus for you heading into the New Year. There are probably thousands of different ways to use essential oils to help in this department, but the simple habit you’re going to add for the next couple of weeks is drinking lemon oil infused water every day. Drinking enough water every day is really hard. Super duper difficult for some of us! Weeks 5 & 6 you are going to make it way more fun to drink enough water every day by adding a couple drops of lemon essential oil to your water to make it taste yummy. We’re going to aim for at LEAST 64 ounces a day. Make sure to use a glass or stainless steel water bottle, and chug, chug, chug! (Just a note: Please do your research before taking essential oils internally and choose the company that you feel 100% comfortable with. If you choose not to take oils internally, use this month to up your water intake anyway!)

Make sure you print your Printable Resolution Tracker so that you can mark off each day that you follow through with your new oily commitment!

That’s it for the first six weeks of the year! You have added wellness to your days, beauty to your face, and it wasn’t even painful! The hardest habit we added was drinking water, and although that’s sometimes a tough habit to keep, we’re going to make it FUN so we don’t get tired of doing good things for our bodies. As you add a new habit in, keep up with the old habits, and let’s see if we can use these fun small habits to jump start a Year of Wellness in 2016!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galations 6:9

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  1. These are great tips. Our teenage daughter has been teaching me a lot about oils and herbs, She is really into them. It’s definitely changed our life for the better.

  2. I really want to start incorporating essential oils into my life. What a great resource for a beginner! Thanks so much for laying this out for me!

  3. Would love to know more about essential oils.. your list for a resolution is very easy to follow. I just wish I could find time to do eat this year. I’m giving birth really soon!


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