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Tips and tricks to helpyou stay positive, motivated & inspired in 2016!

4 Tips for Staying Positive & Inspired in 2016

Tips and tricks to helpyou stay positive, motivated & inspired in 2016!

Today I have a fabulous guest post to share with you! This post was written  by Elias at The New Rich Life! He is sharing his wisdom to help you to have a positive and inspired year in 2016!

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Let’s turn it over to Elias!

4 Tips for Staying Positive & Inspired in 2016

Ah, December is here. For a lot it’s the month of holidays that conclude a period of festivities.

And when 31 days pass, we’ll find ourselves waking up in 2016.

Endings really are beginnings, huh?

To me, these events leave an impact. I think about what I accomplished that past year and if I strived towards any of those.

Was I happier or unhappier than I’d hoped to be?

Were there huge wastes of time that I could make a conscious effort to cut out right now?

And boy, when that New Years Eve wine flows, do I think long and hard about these things.

Even though there’s technically still a good month in 2015, I can already say that 2015 has been the year where I’ve been the least inspired since reaching adulthood.

This is a funny thing to say because 2015 is where I took my first steps into becoming my own boss and launching two businesses.

Moments where we’re feeling uninspired are bound to happen, they will come and they’ll come again. The art is in knowing how to stay in that place of inspiration, when those moments come.

Here are my 4 tips and tricks to stay inspired and positive in 2016.

So far, you’ve had a 100% survival rate

When we’re going through hardships, a lot of us default into the mindset that we’re not going to survive.

If you’re fearful about future events or clinging on to a job you actually dislike, it’s likely because you think quitting that job will be the first in a chain of events which will lead you to perish.

But, if we’re being honest with ourselves, is this the first time we’ve felt this? I’m guessing no.

You can probably recall something like this already happened to you before. You thought the fall would kill you, but you jumped anyway.

And look at you. You’re still here, you’re still keeping on.

Good job! 🙂


Look at what’s in front of you

You’re spending a lot of time looking back, to your past. While definitely necessary sometimes, a lot of the times it just isn’t.

Because a  lot of the times, we’re looking back to still give ourselves a hard time over our past mistakes (you know you have ‘em – and that’s okay!) and to make sure we become as risk-averse as possible.

But boy oh boy, are we losing opportunities with doing this! Our own judgments get in the way and cloud our vision to the immense possibilities that are around us each and every day. Ready for the taking. Ready to be played around with.

If you can train yourself to always be looking at what’s in front of you, you’ll see that it’s pretty much a blank canvas. Ready for you to start painting on with the colors that you want and the type of paint of your choice.


Positive energy is a real thing…

And it’s not woo-woo. It’s not something you have to study to experience. It’s not a gift only some are destined to have.

The benefits of positive energy are numerous. From a huge increase in self-worth, self-awareness to being like a little light that people just gravitate towards.

It’s something all of us are capable of. To experience it and to recognize it in others is such a great thing to witness.

There are a lot of factors that can influence this, one might be the people you allow in your life, which brings me to my next point.


…but so is negative energy

If you’re often around people who complain, chances are that you’re a complainer too. It’s hard to stay positive and inspired if you’re already seeing things from a negative perspective.

There are people that just aren’t satisfied with anything and will always find something to talk about in a bad way.

Because we’re very social beings, we’re more likely to adapt to an environment so we can have a sense of belonging.

If you want to stay positive and inspired in 2016, or any other year, you need to recognize these kinds of environments and take yourself out of them.

And, who knows, maybe you can go out and work on your own positive energy to come back to that environment and change it all around. 😉


These were my 4 tips to stay positive and inspired in 2016. I’d love to hear which one of these you’re going to take action on and your experience with them.


To your success,

to your positivity,


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  1. What a GREAT topic! I totally agree that positive energy is not for a select few. I have noticed such a difference in my life once I committed to intentionally surrounding myself with positivity! 🙂


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