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I had a lot of misconceptions about essential oils when I started using them! I wish I knew more about safety, cost, effectiveness and more sooner! Here are some essential oil facts and truths to help you on your journey to naturally supporting your family's wellness

5 Essential Oil Facts I Wish I Had Known Sooner

I had a lot of misconceptions about essential oils when I started using them! I wish I knew more about safety, cost, effectiveness and more sooner! Here are some essential oil facts and truths to help you on your journey to naturally supporting your family's wellnessI was very skeptical about using essential oils when my grandmother first introduced them to me. While I did try them the day she first introduced me to them, it was mainly because she applied them to my skin for me because I was feeling under the weather and didn’t have the energy to protest. While I did notice that the essential oils were very helpful in supporting my respiratory system, I didn’t start using them regularly because I just didn’t know where to start. I also (for some silly reason) still wasn’t quite convinced that essential oils actually work, I mean… it could have been a fluke right?

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5 Essential Oil Truths

Looking back on the past few years of using essential oils, these are the 5 things I wish I had known sooner:

Essential Oils Really Do Work:

I wish I would have had the sense then to tell myself “you know they work, but you are being stubborn, stop being so hard header and give them a fair try”. I usually am pretty open to new ideas however for some reason my thoughts on essential oils were less than open minded. I now know that essential oils really do help and are a wonderful solution for naturally supporting your family’s health and wellness. But you don’t have to take my word for it, here is a post my husband wrote (huge skeptic) about how he went from an essential oil skeptic to a firm believer.

Get a Reference Book to Help You Get Started:

Each essential oil can be used in so many ways but I didn’t know that at the time. I had a bunch of essential oils (thanks to my wonderful grandmother) however without having a reference guide, I let them sit on a shelf as I didn’t know where to start with them. Luckily I received the Modern Essentials Book (see my review here) a few months later and found it to be very helpful as I now knew what each of the oils could do.

I have written an ebook called Essential Oils Made Easy: DIY Roller Bottle & Diffuser Blends which is a great resource guide to help you get started using essential oils, especially if you have a smaller budget.The book also includes a guide uses for 21 different essential oils, recommendations on how to use the oil for various concerns and important safety precautions.  

You can check out the book here and use coupon code eobeginner to save $2 and get the ebook for $5.99!

You Can Substitute Essential Oils:

If you do not have a particular essential oil on hand, then there is almost always an oil that can be used in it’s place. For example if you want to use an oil to help soothe a skin irritation and you do not have lavender then you could use tea tree essential oil. This is another reason why having an essential oil resource book is so helpful!

They Are Safe:

I remember thinking this one day. How do I know that this natural substance which has been used for thousands of years is really safe to use. Reading that sentence back makes me feel silly for ever questioning it but I really did question safety for a while. While I was questioning safety I was eating fast food, taking over the counter medication and using chemical filled cleaners in my home. Doesn’t sound like I should be a person who was concerned about safety. I think our Society has become so accustomed to manufactured food, medicines, and chemicals that we actually question the absence of these things. I think many people have changed their thinking in the past few years but I know that this is still a concern for many. It is my hope that with increased awareness and information, this line of thinking will eventually change. While essential oils are natural substances, they are very potent so it is important that you follow safety precautions when using them! Check out my essential oil safety guide.

They Cost Less Than I Thought:

Essential oils come in these tiny bottles (5-15ml) and cost anywhere from $10-40 (some are above this but the majority fall in this range). I would have never paid $20 of 15ml of anything… it just seemed crazy! What I didn’t understand was that a 15ml bottle of essential oil has an average of 250 drops of essential oil. When using an oil you use anywhere from 1-3 drops which means that the cost per application (based on a $20 15ml bottle) is 8-24 cents. When you think about it that way you realize it really is affordable. Sure there is a bit of an investment up front but they really do last a long time. 

There you have it, 5 facts about essential oils I wish I had know sooner!

What Do You Wish You Had Known?

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  1. My parents who are probably the biggest skeptics on the face of the earth when it comes to alternative medicine really love these essential oils. I need to try them yet but I do want to.

  2. I’m becoming more and more aware of essential oils, they are the next big thing these days…I’ll have to check your ebook out and learn a little more about this!

  3. Yes! I wish I would have known all of this sooner. For the longest time, I was convinced that A) they were way too expensive for B) something that didn’t really work!

  4. Everyone is skeptical until they use them for the first time. I recently bought my first Essential Oil book and I love it, such great information in them.

  5. Babushka’s been meaning to try essential oils for the longest time! Have subscribed to your blog and hope to learn the essentials. Pun intended. ; )

  6. Jennifer did you fine someone to help you out on essential oils? Id love to help you in any way I can. I love sharing oils.


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