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5 Must Have Essential Oils for your Diffuser!

Today’s post is all aboDiffuserut diffusers! I will discuss what a diffuser is and why you should use one. I will also talk about types of diffusers and the 5 MUST HAVE essential oils to be diffused in every home!

What is a Diffuser?

Diffusers allow the aroma of the essential oils to be dispersed into the air, allowing you and your family to receive the aromatic benefits!

Why use a Diffuser?

It has been recommended that you use a diffuser for 15 minutes every hour. It is not absolutely necessary to do this however there is evidence to believe that 15 minutes is the right amount of time as it allows the olfactory senses to recover, creating the greatest benefit each time the diffuser is on. There are many diffusers that have a timer setting however if your diffuser does not, you could simply set a timer once an hour to turn it on and off.

5 Oils Your Family NEEDS to Diffuse!

1. Protective Blend,  you want to regularly use this blend in your diffuser! If someone in your family is sick, have this oil in the diffuser to help prevent other family members from getting sick! If your whole family happens to get sick (which seems to be the way it goes) then make sure you are using this blend to help send those germs packing! When you finally start to feel better, the last thing you want to think about is getting sick again! Using the protective blend frequently in your home will help to reduce germs and helps to support healthy immune function!

2. Respiratory Blend is another MUST HAVE, especially when members of your family are sick! Using this blend in the diffuser, especially overnight will help to open up your airways and allow you to get some much-needed sleep! Use the respiratory blend in your diffuser, especially during allergy season to help support clear airways and breathing!

3. Lemon creates a very fresh and uplifting scent when diffused! Diffusing Lemon makes it smell like you just scrubbed every inch of your home, which is always a nice scent… especially when you are behind on your cleaning! Using Lemon in your diffuser helps to cleanse the air from germs and contaminants!

4. Wild Orange is a great essential oil to energize and uplift your mood! I recently used Wild Orange in my car diffuser on a 17 hour road trip (yes in one day!) and it worked wonders in keeping my mom and I awake! Like Lemon, Wild Orange is a great cleansing and purifying agent! It also helps to protect against seasonal and environmental threats which is important, especially with the high pollen rating we have had lately!

5. Cleansing Blend is similar to an air freshener or spray, the difference… it’s NATURAL and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals! This blend will help to eliminate odour in your home such as the strong odours from pets and sports equipment! Whether you have unpleasant odours in your home or not, the cleansing blend creates a natural fresh scent! It also helps to prevent against environmental threats! We all have occasional odours in our home that we would like to eliminate, making it another diffuser MUST HAVE!

Do you diffuse essential oils in your home? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I absolutely love essential oils. My husband wasn’t veryfond of them until I started using my diffuser!! Now he loves the smell it gives the house!


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