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9 easy and effective ways to have a more manageable monday. Monday's can be tough but they don't have to be with these tips!

9 Simple Ways to Make Monday’s More Manageable

9 easy and effective ways to have a more manageable monday. Monday's can be tough but they don't have to be with these tips! www.paintedteacup.comMonday’s get a bad rap. As a Society we seem to have a collective hatred for Monday’s! Poor Monday!

So why do we hate Monday’s so much? It seems the dread of Monday start creeping up mid-day Sunday which in turns ends ups affecting our day off. We dread Monday’s because for many it means back to work, back to school, packing lunches, waking up early, dressing nicely, working and spending time away from our homes and families. And the list goes on and on!

I think it’s time we start turning this around. It’s time to stop letting Monday control our Sunday fun and it is time for us to have less dread in our lives when it comes to Monday! So how can we change this? I have some ideas 🙂


9 Simple Ways to Make Monday’s More Manageable


Make a Meal Plan

Like I said, Monday’s are hard. You and your family are juggling the demands of the school/work week and it seems like trying to plan dinner after a busy day contributes to the chaos!  Planning out your meals (ideally for the week) will make Monday evening feel much more manageable! Be sure to head to the store and get what you need on Sunday so that you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping on Monday. 


Get to Bed

This is a hard tip for me. I am stuck in weekend mode and generally stay up too late on Sunday night’s which definitely affects my mood when the alarm goes off on Monday morning! How much sleep do you need during the work-week? Make sure you are going to bed early enough on Sunday so that you can get enough sleep and feel rested for Monday morning. Make a plan to power off from electronics at least 30 minutes before bedtime for a better night sleep (I’m still working on this)! You can also use essential oils to help promote a restful sleep. Find out which essential oils are best for sleep here.


Wake up with Your Alarm

I speak from experience when I say that pressing snooze is doing more harm than good. I used to be notorious for this… my husband hated it! Sure you may gain a few more zzz’s when you hit snooze but what you lose is not worth it. You lose extra time in the morning which end up making you feel rushed and most likely angry/frustrated because you are running late. This is sure to put you in a bad more and you will have a huge case of Monday Anger/Madness/Chaos and no one wants that!


Be Flexible When Possible

Like any day, Monday is far from perfect! Things will go wrong, that is part of life! If something unexpected comes up on Monday just roll with it (if possible). It seems that if a wrench is thrown in our plans on other days of the week we would be annoyed and/or frustrated, however when this happens on Monday’s we tend to react more. Again reacting is affecting your mood which is sure to make you angry about the day. Roll with it and take one thing at a time, you can do this!


Stop Obsessing Over Friday

No matter how much you would like for it to be Friday, it isn’t! Wishing it was Friday is not going to improve your situation, instead it just adds more dread to Monday and on the days leading to Friday. We are all (or so I assume) guilty of saying ‘is it Friday yet?” We need to stop saying this. No it’s not Friday. Friday is days away. It’s Monday. Manage Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday effectively and enjoy Friday when you get to it.


Make a To Do List

Chances are you have a lot to do today. This may cause you to feel frustrated, overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. Take a few minutes (5-10) at the start of the work day and record a list of things that need to get done and mark the priority tasks with a different coloured pen or symbol. Work through the priority tasks first and then move on to the next ones. Now you are organized and better able to manage Monday, especially since you got a good night’s sleep last night 😉 Read this post for tips to help you push forward when you feel unmotivated & overwhelmed.


What’s for Lunch

Did you plan lunch into your weekly meal plan? If not, gather up a few coworkers and go out for lunch! Let’s stop dreading Monday’s and start celebrating them! If going out to eat is not an option for you then pack a nice lunch on Sunday night and eat it with your coworkers or have lunch on your own but with a change of scenery (like an outdoor picnic table).


Find Some Humour

Monday’s seem to be the day that silly things happen. One day I walked into work, got to my cubicle and pressed the ‘unlock’ button on my car keys. Yes I knew it was going to be one of those days but I chose to laugh at it. My other option was to think ‘clearly this day is going to be horrible if I think I need keys to get in my cubicle”. I can guarantee if I thought that way it would have made the day so much harder to manage! So laugh at yourself, you are human, you make silly mistakes and get confused at times… we all do. Just laugh!


Look for Inspiration

I for one LOVE inspirational quotes! It is crazy how a few words can totally change your outlook on the day! If you are feeling bummed/unmotivated on Monday then read some inspirational quotes to boost your spirits or print some quotes to hang up at work. You can also save quotes on your phone so that you have them when you need them! Here are some of my posts that are filled with inspirational quotes:

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Beautiful Quotes to Help Motivate & Inspire You

There you have it, my 9 tips to help make Monday’s more manageable! What helps you get through Monday? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

31 thoughts on “9 Simple Ways to Make Monday’s More Manageable”

  1. I love mondays. They are actually my favorite day of the week. The kids are back at school, the hubby is back at work and I get a ton done in the peace & quiet.

  2. These are fantastic tips, especially about waiting for Friday. I thought about how it’s such a shame that I wish away 4 days of the week so I can get to the three I like. It made me totally refocus how I attacked my life! – Jerusha,

  3. Sticking to a schedule that would allow me to have some breather keeps me from going insane on Mondays. It’s not so stressful when you’re following a timeline.


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