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Allergy Relief with Essential Oils!

It is that time of year again! Many of us are happy to see the snow melt but for others it means seasonal allergies are about to attack! Allergy sufferers don’t fret- essential oils can help!

Please note that some essential oils listed below say they are safe for dietary use. This is assuming you are using a very high grade of essential oils. Many brands of essential oils are not safe to be ingested… ALWAYS read the bottle before ingesting any oil!

D.I.Y Allergy Remedy– combine equal parts (2 drops each) of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint in a veggie capsule. Both my husband and I use this allergy combination frequently. The other day my ears felt really full and heavy and this really helped to alleviate that discomfort! My husband using this when he has the sniffles and congestion and finds it helpful… he will actually ask me to make one! SUCCESS!

On New Year’s Eve we were spending time with our family and my husband who has an allergy to eggs accidentally ate something containing eggs. Shortly after he had mild difficulty breathing so in a pinch we grabbed lavender essential oil and put it on his chest and throat. Thankfully, this helped to ease his breathing.

Lavender also works great to reduce swelling from bug bites. Recently I got multiple spider bites which were very itchy and unsightly. I applied 1-2 drops of lavender directly to the bites twice a day. This really helped to reduce the itching and helped the bites to heal faster than they have in the past (when I haven’t used essential oils)!

The Respiratory Blend is great when applied to the sides of your nose to help fight nasal congestion, it also works great when applied to your chest to help ease chest congestion. I have had great success in dealing with chest congestion by first applying 2 drops of this blend to my chest followed by 2 drops of Frankincense!

I hope this post gave you some ideas to help deal with your allergies!

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