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Where Should I Apply Essential Oils?

Where to Apply Essential Oils PinterestThere are many choices when it comes to where to apply essential oils topically (on your body).

Sometimes common sense is the best judge. Some examples of this would be:

Headache: you apply the oils to the back of your neck and on your temples

Bug Bites or Rash: apply to the affected area

Nasal Congestion: Apply under nose and on the sides of nose

However there are many times when you may not know exactly where to put the oils or maybe you are taking the oil to help with an internal organ and aren’t sure where to apply it. For me I can’t wear scents at work which leaves me with one option my feet!

Applying oils to your feet may seem odd but it is actually great for a number of reasons

1) The pores on your feet are very large allowing for the oil to be absorbed quickly.

2) The skin on your feet is less sensitive meaning it will be less likely to react to certain oils… this is great for people who have naturally sensitive skin.

3) Thanks to reflexology you can affect any part of your body just by applying oils to certain parts of your feet!

This chart displays which parts of the feet correspond to different parts of the body:

Where to apply oils foot reflexology chart

You can see that if you were having issues with your stomach that you would want to apply the oils to the arches of your feet.

If you are having sinus troubles then consider applying the oils to the pads of each toe.

Applying oils to your feet works great in general! However, if you are using essential oils for a specific issue, consider looking at the chart and apply the essential oils to the corresponding part on your foot.

Learn all about essential oil applications in this essential oil beginner guide!

What has been your experience with applying essential oils to your feet? I would love to hear from you below!

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