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Beautiful acts of kindness to brighten your day. Stories and videos of real acts of kindness in daily life. How to give back to others and quotes on kindness.

Beautiful Acts of Kindness That Will Brighten Your Day

Beautiful acts of kindness to brighten your day. Stories and videos of real acts of kindness in daily life. How to give back to others and quotes on kindness. www.paintedteacup.comLately the world seems like it could use some added light. We are all moving so quickly that at times it seems that we don’t even notice those around us. We are often caught up in our own world and focused on what needs to happen next… the world of chronic multi-tasking. We are trying to do so many things at once that we aren’t able to do anything well. Many times it seems that what suffers the most is human interaction and acts of kindness.

Have you ever seen the tv show on ABC called ‘What Would You Do’? I am slightly obsessed with this show. If you haven’t seen it, actors are paid to act out scenes where they bully or discriminate against another person’s (also an actor) race, religion, sexual orientation, body type, disabilities and much more. Basically a person is paid to be a bully and someone else is paid to act the victim. They then set up hidden cameras in real stores/parks/restaurants and have the actors act out the scene to capture how the everyday citizen will respond to the discrimination and bullying they witness.

I have a love hate relationship with this show… well let’s be real… it’s mostly LOVE! The part I dislike is when people just walk by and pretend they don’t see the person being treated poorly… even though they clearly see it… cameras, remember! Seeing this breaks my heart because although these people are actors, unfortunately these situations happen in real life. The reason I LOVE the show is because you are able to witness the words and actions of some of the most sincere, genuine, loving, caring, kind and selfless people. They will speak up and at times put themselves in potential danger to help out a complete stranger. That is what human nature, kindness, and being a part of a community should be about! You will see some awesome What Would You Do Clips as you keep scrolling!


Acts of Kindness my Friends & I Have Experienced:

I remember the first time I was in the drive-thru at Tim Horton’s and I arrived to the window and was told that the person in front of me (a complete stranger) had paid for my coffee. I was completely shocked, what I should have done was pay it forward and pay for the person behind me but I was just so surprised. I think I had that stupid grin plastered to my face for the rest of the day. Since then I had a co-worker ahead of me at the drive-thru pay for my coffee and I made sure to pay it forward. However I think the best feeling was when I had extra change one day and decided to pay for the person behind me, it was such an amazing feeling to be able to give to an un-expecting stranger.

I asked my friends on Facebook if they had any acts of kindness that they have experienced and would like to share. I am so happy that they did!

Teacher giving back to past students:

One friend wrote: “My sister and I went to get ice cream once, I think she was back from university and I was in grade 12. When we got there a teacher that taught us both in junior high was there, we had a little chat and he paid and left. So we got our ice cream and when we went to pay they said he had already paid for us. Just a small act but it made my day and I don’t think I’ll forget it!”

Standing up for abused women:

Another friend shared that something that often speaks to him is when others defend women who are experiencing physical domestic abuse. His comment reminded me of this clip from ‘What Would You Do’.

Beautiful Stories From Other Bloggers

Kindness on the Subway:

This is a beautiful story about how a simple act of kindness and a box of cookies can make a huge impact on a group of angry and frustrated travelers stranded on a subway train.

Online Support:

One mom posted on an online group board stating that she was feeling overwhelmed, drained, and burnt out and felt like she needed a break from her children and family… don’t worry she assures us that there was no plans to abandon the kids 🙂 Her moment of venting resulted in great support pouring in from those in the online group. See the messages of support she received!

A Homeless Man Gives to Others:

This post is full of so many beautiful stories. My favourite is a homeless man who asks a stranger for money, the stranger only had 2 dimes but gave them to him anyway. The homeless man then walked up to an expired parking meter and put the dimes in it to help out another person. To me this is such an absolutely amazing act! This is just one of the inspirational stories, check out this post for more beautiful stories of kindness!

Concert Tickets From a Stranger:

This mom and her daughter were waiting for their car to be fixed when a kind stranger asked if they liked Taylor Swift and were then given 2 free concert tickets. Read about the amazing ongoing generosity this stranger blessed this beautiful family with!

Helping Those on the Street:

In this post you will see a video about a church who states they are “building a church with no walls”. They go out into the community and bring food and messages of love to those who are living on the street.

Helping a Mom Buy Groceries:

Another clip from ABC’s What Would You Do shows a scene where a mom doesn’t have enough food stamps to pay for her grocery bill, the support and kindness from complete strangers displayed in the clip is absolutely beautiful:

Keep the Kindness Rolling

Giving Back:

This post gives specific real life scenarios that you may come across and gives examples of how you can share kindness in these moments 

Helping Un-Expecting Strangers:

Another awesome Facebook friend shared that at Christmas time she buys 4 gift cards and then hands them out in Wal-Mart to people who are struggling. I LOVE this idea, it is one I would like to adopt going forward!

Easy Acts of Kindness:

Here are 5 ways that you can pay it forward in everyday life

Kindness Quotes:

Beautiful acts of kindness to brighten your day. Stories and videos of real acts of kindness in daily life. How to give back to others and quotes on kindness.

How Will You Share Kindness?

We all crave human connection and want to be a part of a community (introvert or not). A simple smile, hello, thank you, or even a kind word can go so far and lift a person’s spirits. An act of kindness doesn’t have to be a grand gesture… think about how many people were touched by just 20 cents in the post above! Take the time and show kindness to someone today, it doesn’t have to be an amazing grand gesture, but make an honest effort… not only will you touch another person, but you will also feel a great sense of pride within yourself!

What was your most recent experience either giving or receiving an act of kindness?

44 thoughts on “Beautiful Acts of Kindness That Will Brighten Your Day”

  1. I loved reading this post first thing in the morning- what a great read. I’m a teacher and last year I created a “Kindness is Cool” bulletin board that allows people to write an act of kindness they did or received. My sister-in-law, every year on her birthday, spends the entire day doing however many years old she is number of kind acts- it’s incredible!

  2. Great post! it is sad how some people treat others. And with today’s times others are probably scared to step in and stop bullying. You never know what that other person will do.
    Once my husband paid for another veteran that came up and thanked him for his service. And if we are in a fast food drive through and a police officer is behind us we pay for their order.

  3. What a great and inspiring post! I really try to show kindness where ever I can. My 12 year old is awesome about it though. Yesterday at the store he saw an older lady struggling with getting her groceries out to her car and ran over to help. I didn’t even tell him to. It was such an amazing moment.

  4. I have seen that show, What Would You Do. I don’t watch it often because I forget about it being on. I really should be doing more acts of kindness myself. Sometimes when we go to the Strip District in Pittsburgh, I feed a homelss person. It is sad that I don’t do things more often.

  5. This is a much needed post for me, because I must admit that I keep encountering some truly awful people. I always love reading about random acts of kindness and I also love sharing them. My dad and I did so many kind things for others and it is such a great lasting memory for me since he has passed.

    • I agree with you. These are just simple acts of kindness that you could do to everyone you meet every day. Simply helping out someone who got lost, find his way can make a difference.

      • Not only does it help out someone but I always felt that when you give kindness, love, support that it comes back to you when you need it or even when you don’t. Putting good karma in place 🙂

  6. I have never heard of ‘What Would You Do’?, but it sounds like an interesting show. I’m not sure if I could even watch it, because I don’t like to watch this kind of shows where someone is treated in a bad way 🙁

  7. I’d say the most recent was when I was walking down the street the other day and saw a woman with a frown on her face -she did not look very happy–I looked at her and gave her a big smile–she visibly brightened right up and smiled back and continued smiling as she walked away! I do try to do little things all the time.

  8. Acts of kindness happen quite often for me both giving and receiving. Although I don’t like to brag, I think this is a wonderful post to share! I remember travelling back home to see my ill Father, and not eating, or not sleeping the night before… one man at the Toronto airport randomly gave me a $15 food voucher for when I was standing in line at Tim Hortons. That’s one act of kindness I’ll remember for a while. I guess you don’t really know how you’ll end up brightening one’s day.

  9. What wonderful acts of kindness – and most of these are “simple” acts each of us could do… I need to come up higher and this encouraged me to remember to do some of these things! Thanks for this post!

  10. I have seen this show before and it was amazing how some people reacted. These are great acts of kindness to take part in. I think its important to do more good in the world when ever you can.

  11. Words seriously can’t describe how much I love this! I think it is a great idea. It reminds me of that movie Pay it Forward with Kevin Spacey. Yes, I know about that show “What Would You Do?” I think it is a good one for sure for all the reasons you mentioned. I do understand why some people just walk by. Some people don’t like confrontation or they may fear getting into an altercation or situation with a complete stranger. Though in some instances I could see myself speaking up, I can completely understand a person who may not. 🙂

  12. This is great! I love that show too and I would describe it the same.. a love hate relationship. Sometimes I feel like wow there are really good people out there still and others I think…wow I can’t believe they just let that happen! My favorite one was when a guy seen another guy roofie a girls drink and he blocked the door so they couldn’t leave and called the cops. The worst part was the first guy that seen them do this said..someones getting lucky tonight. That blew my mind! I lose hope for the human race several times a day because some stories make me believe their are good people out there too. A few anyway.

  13. It’s sad that being kind is so rare. Yet, as humans, we crave it. We crave positive human interaction. Can we say “I am Legend”. Taking time to just simply be nice can make the difference not only in your life but in the lives of those around you.

  14. I have had someone pay for my coffee in the drive thru at Starbucks before and I definitely paid it forward. I have also given a stranger a ride home from the train station when they got there and found out that that was the last stop instead of the train going on to their final destination. It was an extra 30 minutes until I got home after a long day, but the great feeling we got for doing that was so worth it.

  15. I agree – the world does need beautiful acts of kindness! I have experienced someone paying for my food in line at a fast food restaurant, a blogger posting a Starbucks gift card for her readers to use online via facebook and coupons randomly provided at the grocery store. All lovely.

  16. Such a lovely post. Sometimes we focus on all the negativity in the world so this post brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing with us at #anythinggoes and brightening our day

  17. Wonderful blog post on kindness! I pinned it. Today in the market a woman offered me a bag to put my head of lettuce in, because she saw I was struggling to open one. That simple thing made me smile and made my afternoon. Think this type of blog post needs to be shared more often. The news is usually filled with grim stories. We need positive ones like these. Nancy A.

  18. I love that show too! My kids and I have been watching it a lot on demand- it’s amazing what some people will say and yes, heartbreaking when you see others walk by without a backward glance. Thanks for sharing these lovely acts of kindness!

  19. As the saying goes, Kindness is next to Godliness! This is just the positive post I needed to read today! Thank you so much for sharing your healthy, happy and inspiring “Beautiful Acts of Kindness That Will Brighten Your Day” at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  20. Hello Chantal Bernard. Excellent post. It is sad how people treat with other peoples. You will never know what the other person will do for you. Once my brother offered coffee to another person . That person came up and thanked him for this kindness.


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