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Learn how you can use crystals to help naturally manage your chronic pain! Learn which crystals help with different types of pain and emotional stress!

How to Use Crystals to Manage Chronic Pain

Learn how you can use crystals to help naturally manage your chronic pain! Learn which crystals help with different types of pain and emotional stress! I am so excited to share this guest post with you! I have learned so much from reading this post and I think you will too! After reading this post written by Siobhan Johnson I am definitely going to try using crystals as a natural solution to manage my chronic pain & stress!

Without, further ado let’s turn it over to Shiobhan!

How to Use Crystals to Manage Chronic Pain

All chronic illnesses are as different from each other as Venus is to every other plant, but most have certain things in common. I’m going to share with you the best practices to manage these five things, which will give you a basic grounding in how to manage most chronic illnesses.

Each chronic illness will also benefit from treatment directed at it’s specific symptoms, for instance if you’re suffering from IBS, there’s a specific list of crystal that are very beneficial at targeting those symptoms.

However, I much prefer to use crystals in an holistic manner. If I can’t cure the root cause of the problem, I aim directly at the root cause to ease the entire system. For that reason, I’m including lists of stones suitable for stress, emotional pain, the immune system, and to help you sleep better. If those four things are not in line, your system will be completely out of balance and will not only find it difficult to manage symptoms, but will find your symptoms will often get worse. I’m also including a list of recommended stones for physical pain, since many people suffering from chronic disease will benefit from a reduction in pain.

Crystal healing is not a one time cure, especially when you are easing chronic illnesses. Whatever is causing the illness will continue to scramble your body, so you will need to keep reapplying the techniques. How often depends entirely upon you and your body – I find that once or twice a month is enough for me.

If you’re really struggling, or haven’t done any energetic cleanse before, you’ll find that you need to give it several goes to clear away all the accumulated rubbish inside of you. To give you a medical metaphor, my Vitamin D levels used to be so low that the doctor had to give me prescription only mega strength Vitamin D tablets. Once my levels got up to a more acceptable standard, I now only top them up with over the counter medicine in the winter. Crystal healing works along the same principle, when you are dealing with a problem that gets worse if left alone.

You’ll notice I recommend you use amethyst and rose quartz a lot – they are both Master Healers, and useful in just about any situation, but they are also super cheap and easy to get hold of. If you only buy two stones, make it these two.

How To Use A Stone

There are two ways to use stones that I specifically recommend to self-treat a chronic illness: jewelry, and meditative work.


Jewelry is self-explanatory. You sit with the piece of jewelry in your hand, and ask it to work on whichever aspect of your illness you need it to. Crystals have many purposes, and not directing the energy to a specific point or need will dilute the power. Then you wear the jewelry throughout the day, taking it off regularly to cleanse and recharge it.

Cleansing it can be as simple as leaving it with a quartz stone. You can also leave certain crystals in the sunlight or moonlight for a cycle, but be careful – a lot of crystals will lose their colour in direct light. The ones usually used for jewelry tend to be okay.

If you’re wearing energy or immune boosting crystals, be sure not to wear them for too long – they can make you hyperactive, irritable or overloaded. How long is too long again depends entirely upon you and your usual energy levels. If you feel overloaded or like your skin is too tight, take it off.

Any jewelry is useful, but of course the closer to the source of the pain, the better. Necklaces are best for stress or immune conditions, and anklets can be a great help for painful legs and feets. Rings are also really good, since if you wear them on your ring finger you have a direct link to your heart and blood flow, and therefore the rest of your body.


Meditative crystal healing works in the same fashion, but once you’ve set your crystal you sit and hold it, or place it on a place on your body that is appropriate. You can sit up, or lay back and relax. Even if you can’t meditate, simply ‘sitting quietly’ can work wonders.

Recommended Stones for Different Concerns:

Stress: Black Tourmaline/Rose Quartz/Amethyst/Tiger’s Eye/Red Jasper/Green Aventurine

Pain: Amethyst/Black Tourmaline/Red Jasper

Immune Systems: Carnelian/Green Aventurine/Sodalite/Quartz

Sleep: Amethyst/Kyanite/Sodalite/Muscovite

Emotional Issues: Rose Quartz/Blue Apatite/Green Aventurine

There you have it, ways to use crystals to manage various types of physical & emotional pain! 

Guest Bio:

Siobhan Johnson is a blogger and writer, writing about all aspects of holistic health and esoteric happenings. She is a professional Tarot reader, palmist, crystal healer and life and business coach. She writes at


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