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DIY Essential Oil Car Diffuser

DIY Essential Oil Car DiffuserI am very excited to announce that I have completed my very first guest post (a post I have written to be shared on someone else’s blog)!

Have you ever had a horrible smell in your car? Let’s be real… of course you have! This happened to me just recently so I decided to make a DIY all-natural essential oil car diffuser!

Check out my DIY Essential Oil Car Diffuser on Amanda’s blog called Amanda Unfolded!

To Make it You Need:


Head over to Amanda Unfolded to read my guest post and the directions to make this easy & affordable essential oil car diffuser!

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  1. We love essential oils! If you ever want to guest post a non brand specific post on oils or oil DIY, let me know! (obviously with a bio and link back to your page). I love the car air freshener idea! Citrus smells are my favorite!


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