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These essential oil gifts for men are super easy gift ideas to make for birthdays, Father's Day, Valentines Day, Christmas and more!

DIY Essential Oil Gifts for Men

These essential oil gifts for men are super easy gift ideas to make for birthdays, Father's Day, Valentines Day, Christmas and more!

I don’t know about you but I always struggle with what to buy the men in my life! I find buying gifts for my dad and step-dad, to be the hardest! My husband on the other hand usually has more than enough ideas… usually of the gamer variety!

Today I thought I’d share a collection of recipes I have found that use essential oils and are perfect for any man on your list! 

There is something here for every man out there, even if he is skeptical of essential oils! My husband used to be an essential oil skeptic but after a few experiences, he now uses them fairly often! He would love any one of these gifts and has already given his stamp of approval on my essential oil soap (see recipe below). 

Try making one of these recipes to give as a gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas or just because! 

DIY Essential Oil Gifts for Men

Spicy Bay Rum Cologne

This cologne is made in a roller bottle and uses lemon, rosemary, bergamot, bay and litsea cubeba essential oil! This recipe will only take you about 5 minutes to make! Get the recipe here!

This post has various cologne recipes including: Fresh Scented, Minty Fresh and Spice Me Up! You can get all of these men’s cologne recipes here.


Beard Oil

Does the man is your life have a beard? If so, he is going to love this woodsy beard oil! This is another gift that is super quick to make! Get the beard oil recipe here!


Build Your Own Beard Oil

WiseBeards created an amazing guide to help you create the bread oil that’s perfect for the guy in your life! Start by choosing a carrier oil and then pick the oils to compliment the purpose/scent you are looking for! Read the full guide here!


Man Cave Spray

A super easy DIY room spray with a nice ‘manly’ scent! My husband loves his spray! Get the recipe here!


DIY Beard Balm

Another gift for the bearded man! Unlike the beard oil listed above, this recipe is in more of a solid form, similar to a lip chap (by the looks of it). Get the beard balm recipe here.


Men’s Body Wash

This post shares 3 different scent combinations so that you can make a body wash that best suits him! Get all 3 body wash recipes here.


Relaxing Essential Oil Soap

I made this soap using lavender and cedarwood essential oils and my husband loves it! He has said goodbye to Irish Springs! He also liked my exfoliating soap (made with chia seeds) however prefers this recipe. Get my relaxing soap recipe here.


Essential Oil Shower Steamers

These shower steamers are an easy way for him to enjoy the aromatic benefits of essential oils while getting ready for the day! Get the recipes for relaxation, energy, uplifting and supporting clear breathing here.


Hand Degreaser

Does he spend a lot of time working with his hands? If so, whip up a batch of this 3 ingredient hand degreaser! Get the recipe here!


Whipped Eucalyptus Shaving Cream

This is a scent that he is sure to love for his shaving cream! The recipe looks pretty simple to make! Get the whipped shaving cream recipe here!


Natural Aftershave

After using the shaving cream mentioned above, have him use this natural aftershave made using sandalwood and frankincense essential oil! Get the recipe here!


Post Workout Muscle Rub

Does he do a lot of physical exercise as part of his day? If so, he (and everyone else in your family) will love this post workout muscle rub! Get the recipe here.

There you have it, lots of essential oil gifts for men!

Which recipe will you make first?

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