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My Family's Most Embarrassing & Painful Essential Oil Experiences. Good lessons and good laughs.

My Family’s Most Embarrassing & Painful Essential Oil Experiences

My Family's Most Embarrassing & Painful Essential Oil Experiences. Good lessons and good laughs. www.paintedteacup.comToday I want to share some of my family’s unfortunate essential oil experiences to highlight just how important it is that you remember to use safety precautions when using essential oils!

You wouldn’t use an over the counter medication or even a vitamin without reading the bottle first, right? So why would you use essential oils without considering safety? Although essential oils are natural, they are also extremely potent!

Did you know:

  • One drop of Pure Therapeutic Grade Peppermint essential oil is equal to 28 cups of tea!
  • It takes 30 pounds of lavender to make ONE 15ml bottle of Pure Therapeutic Grade Lavender essential oil

My Essential Oil Safety Guide outlines important safety precautions for using essential oils.

Now that you understand how potent essential oils are, let me share some of my embarrassing, painful, awkward, and slightly hilarious essential oil experiences and mishaps!

My Family’s Most Embarrassing & Painful Essential Oil Experiences

1) My husband had used the Soothing Blend (for sore muscles), I am guessing it would have been on his shoulder. It was starting to work to relieve some of his pain and all was well in the world. Ten minutes later I heard him yell from the bathroom something like “IT BURNS”!!! He had forgotten to wash the Soothing Blend residue from his hands before going to the bathroom. There was some very high-pitched screaming going on along with sounds of agony and eventually trying to get relief from standing in front of the fan. All of this was happening as his very unhelpful wife was laughing hysterically with tears running down her face… I know, I know, shame on me… But can you honestly say you would have reacted differently? Eventually we got the situation under control and he was no longer in pain.

The moral of the story is ALWAYS wash your hands after applying essential oils… it is so easy to forget you used them which will only cause great discomfort… as you will continue to read about!


2) Here is another example of why you should always was your hands after applying oils! My husband had a headache and I was putting peppermint on the back of his neck and temples. I was done and began walking in the kitchen (I have no idea what for) and without a second thought rubbed my itchy eye with my hand… or should I say my peppermint hand. The pain was instant, intense, and horrible! I tried to run to the bathroom… I couldn’t open the peppermint eye because of the pain and the other eye was half-shut and running… maybe in sympathy?

How to get relief if (when) this happens to you: I managed to turn on the bathroom tap and washed my hands THOROUGHLY! I then took a few drops of fractionated coconut oil and applied it around the outside of my closed eye. Within 20-30 seconds the pain was gone.

Why does this work? Essential oil molecules are extremely small, making them very light. Each time I opened my eye, the molecules started to rise creating more pain in my eye. Whether near your eye or on another part of your body, a carrier oil is great as it helps to weigh the essential oil down, helping it to absorb into your skin.

Remember: No matter how many times you have used essential oils, you will forget and make this mistake (unless you are a perfect superhuman). I had probably done this 2-3 times prior with milder oils but peppermint was definitely the worst! If this happens to you remember to use a carrier oils around you closed eye (not in your eye)!


3) If you don’t already know this, Oregano is a HOT essential oil! I had a viral infection and was taking oregano in capsules 3x a day to try to help fight the infection. This had been going well but one day I was running late and stupid me decided to make an oregano capsule in the car. When dropping the oil in the capsule, I missed and got oil on my fingers and on the outside of the capsule. I was annoyed but finished making the capsule, popped it in my mouth and swallowed with water. Since there had been oregano on the outside of the capsule, it literally felt like a hole was burning through my tongue! I must have also touched my lip when putting it in my mouth as the left side of my lip became red as well as the skin around it! It literally looked like I had burned my face! Since I did not have a carrier oil with me, I used water (lots of it) which helped a bit.

Moral of the story, when using oregano topically, ALWAYS DILUTE. Also if you spill, wipe off the sides of the capsule and your hands before swallowing! To make matters worse, I smelled like a big plate of spaghetti for the rest of the day. My poor car smelled worse, it probably could have passed as an Italian food truck 😛 Oregano is a great essential oil, but take precaution and use common sense when applying it… not one of my finest moments!

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE essential oils! They are a great passion of mine and I believe everyone would benefit from using them! BUT, you must always consider safety before using them!

I am sure there have been more unfortunate moments that we have experienced, but these 3 are ones I will definitely never forget! I hope this gave you some insight into the importance of essential oil safety as well as a laugh or two along the way!

Are you using essential oils safely? Check out my Safety Guide and Beginner’s Guide if you are unsure!

What has been your family’s most painful, embarrassing, awkward, or hilarious essential oil moment? Don’t be shy, I know you have 1… or 5 to share!

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34 thoughts on “My Family’s Most Embarrassing & Painful Essential Oil Experiences”

  1. WOW..the first thing I thought of when I read about your husband and the peppermint oil is OUCH!

    I would have never known that oregano is a hot essential oil either! There is a lot to learn about essential oils – the good and the safety precautions 😉

    • Hi Pellerini!

      Yes ouch is definitely right! At the time it was not pleasant, looking back it is definitely a funny memory that we will have forever! Hope you keep coming back to continue to learn about essential oils!

    • Hi Channing,

      There are many oils that can be used on sensitive skin, you just need to dilute them in a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or grapeseed oil. You can also apply oils to the bottoms of your feet as the skin is generally less sensitive there. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Awesome info! I always wanted to make my own essential oils but never really knew where to begin. Thanks for telling me where NOT to begin lol

    • Hi Amanda,

      Yes safety is key with anything, including essential oils! All of the oils I mentioned are fantastic, you just need to make sure you are using them safely 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  3. Well… I guess I need to be more careful when using my oils… I use them and then I rub them into my hands. I never thought of the touching of the eye; that’s such a good point. Glad I read this post!!

  4. Fortunately my husband has not done this to himself, yet….. I guarantee that I would have the same response as you did. Cruel…..I know
    Funny, the last two have happened to me just like they did to you. oh the burning sensation of oregano.

  5. I had a scary experience with peppermint essential oil. To make a really long story short….I used waaaay too much around my house. I sprinkled everywhere in my living room (like every nook and cranny) because I thought a few drops would not do. In a few minutes, the entire house filled with strong peppermint vapors.It was so strong, I could feel it in my lungs, throat, mouth…eyes. I had a panic attack because I thought I was going to die from inhaling so much. So yes, I learned the hard way to dilute and follow directions.

  6. Very nice post!! I’ve had a bad run in with peppermint. I love essential oils !- and used way too much in a bath once. Ouch. Also thought I was dieing.

  7. OMG! Almost pee’d my pants reading about your husband! I would have been laughing worse if It was my husband. I do have total understanding about what both of you did. Because I did it to myself! Bathroom and eye using peppermint oil. I suffer from severe migraines and use peppermint and lavender. I tried a mixed oil and burned my neck! I have never used it again! My husband cannot stand the smell – they are too strong smelling for him – this is the person that never smells anything!
    Adventures with Essential Oils!

  8. I have you beat! I sleepily walled into the bathroom to put eye drops in my eyes. Grabbed the bottle and dripped…Thieves. One, two drops before I woke up enough to realize it wasn’t eye drops (because it dripped instead of dropped). Then, i screamed. Out came the contacts and I stuck many eye under the sink for about 5 minutes. Finally we got some cream and flushed my eye with that. Yes, it hurt, but I was more afraid of losing my sight. Know your oils and what to do in an emergency. Also, don’t put Thieves any where near your eye drops.

  9. I put a few drops of Bergamot on my neck for its calming, confidence and female hormone support. I didn’t read where it clearly states to avoid sun. As I was riding my bike and the sun was bearing down on me, my neck started to itch and then slightly burn. It continued to annoy for a few days but it definitely burned my skin as it changed the color of it where I rubbed the oils in. Lesson learned! Read thoroughly before using.

  10. I make a wonderful body wash with rosemary and peppermint oil. The first time I used it I was talking to my husband who was shaving so I was on auto mode I finished my showering routine by washing my bottom and lady parts not thinking about what soap I was using. WOW eye opener! I have never done that again!

  11. Similar experiences here. My husband rubbed deep blue rub on my shoulders which provides an icey hot relieve. He used the restroom immediately after. I was hysterical so it was very difficult to try to tell him to grab the coconut oil. He was in panic mode and I was crying from the laughter. He now insists that I enjoy seeing him in pain. I had the same experience with Oregano oil. Didn’t actually realize it was a ‘hot’ oil until my lips, mouth & throat were burning. At that point, I wasn’t aware that an oil or milk is the best thing to use so I reached for water, this made it worse before I decided to chug a cup of milk. Found relief with the milk. Another time I decide to smell the cinnamon bark I just ordered. Loved the aroma but about 1 minute later I noticed the tip of my nose was tingling then it felt like it was on fire. Apparently I got a drop on my nose without realizing it. Good thing the coconut oil was nearby.

  12. I already did the peppermint thing…… twice……. but I remembered to use milk to dilute….. I put it on a wash cloth and held it on my eye and it worked!

  13. Water will intensify the oils. I wash my hands with soap at least three times if I have used a strong oil, or deep blue. Once just doesn’t seem to be enough. If I can still smell it, I wash them again.

  14. Uhhhhh humiliating as it is. Oregano and my lady parts came in contact!!! I was working for Allstate and I was fighting a viral infection. I was making a capsule before I went to inspect the home and the oregano oil spilled (I had a skort on) and it dropped down my legs into my nether region. I was sitting outside of the insureds home screaming in my car for about 20 minutes until it subsided. I thought my who who was just going to burn off of my body. I walked into the home after I composed myself and the insured said did you have Italian for lunch? I felt like saying I got owned by oregano but decided against it. Needless to say, I welcomed the cool breeze while I was up on the roof. OMG.


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