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DIY Essential Oil Blends for a Restful Sleep. A sneak peak at some recipes from my new essential oil ebook!

Essential Oil Blends for a Restful Sleep

DIY Essential Oil Blends for a Restful Sleep. A sneak peak at some recipes from my new essential oil ebook! Many of us, myself included do not get enough sleep. Falling asleep is the hard part for me. My brain is in overdrive and I can’t shut it off, no matter how hard I try. Most nights I am still awake for 2 hours after I have gone to bed. These are the nights when I don’t use my essential oils. Usually if I don’t use oils that night, I will eventually get up and apply some as I just want to get to sleep.

Working in the social work field means that my day can be quite stressful! Some days I work late which makes it even harder to fall asleep as I didn’t have enough time to unwind and decompress after a stressful and emotion-packed day.

I have been using essential oils more and more to help with relaxation in the evening but also to help me to fall asleep in a reasonable amount of time!

Essential Oil Blends for a Restful Sleep

I recently released an essential oil ebook called Essential Oils Made Easy: DIY Diffuser & Roller Bottle Blends which is full of many different recipes which you can learn about here. Of course, as you have probably guessed, it also included recipes for sleep.

Today I wanted to share a roller bottle and diffuser recipe from my new ebook to help with sleep.


Essential Oil Diffuser Blend for a Restful Sleep

Sleep Like a Log Diffuser Recipe

What You Need:

  • 3 drops of Cedarwood essential oil
  • 2 drops of Lavender essential oil
  • 70-100ml of water
  • A diffuser– Learn what to look for when buying a diffuser here

How to Make the Blend:

  1. Pour 70-100ml of water into your diffuser. Please note that all diffusers hold different amounts of water. If your diffuser holds less water, please adjust the recipe accordingly.
  2. Add the essential oils to the water.
  3. Put the cover on the diffuser base, plug in & turn on.
  4. Place the diffuser in your bedroom and begin running it 10-15 minutes before heading to bed.

Safety Note for Children: If using this diffuser blend with children I recommend using only 1 drop of cedarwood and lavender and use a minimum of 100ml of water.


Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blend for a Restful Sleep

Drifting to Dreamland Roller Bottle Blend

What You Need

How to Make the Blend:

  1. Pour the essential oils into your 10ml glass roller bottle.
  2. Fill the remainder of the roller bottle with the carrier oil of your choice.
  3. Put the roller top back on the bottle and screw on the cap.
  4. Gently shake the bottle end for end (do this before every use).
  5. Apply to the soles of your feet OR to the back of your neck.

Using This Blend with Children: If making this blend for children use 3 drops of lavender, 2 drops of vetiver and 1 drop of frankincense (optional). You may need to add more essential oils later depending on the amount that works best for your child however I recommend starting with this ratio.

I hope you enjoyed this peak at 2 of the 41 recipes from my new ebook Essential Oils Made Easy: DIY Diffuser & Roller Bottle Blends. You can see everything that is included in the book and buy a copy here.

Please note there is a special launch sale until March 24, 2016 where you are able to get the book for $5.99 instead of the regular price of $7.99.

Wishing you a peaceful sleep!

Making and using essential oil blends doesn't have to be hard! Learn more in my essential oil ebook

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  1. Hi, have been signed up for a little while. I was trying to get your offer for the diffuser,roller ball and wish list. Can I get this even though I’m already signed up? thanks

  2. I enjoy using lavender essential oil as a home fragrance. Lavender smells so fresh, almost like having fresh flowers in the house.

  3. I’m running on about 3 hours of sleep this morning so I really need to try the essential oil blends for a good night’s sleep. For some reason I kept waking up all night long and it would take forever to get back to sleep.

  4. I definitely have trouble getting enough sleep from time to time. Especially on days when I have multiple deadlines to meet in a short amount of time. I’ll definitely have to look more into using Essential Oil Blends for a Restful Sleep.

  5. We use oils around here for a lot of things. I haven’t tried for sleeping yet. Which is funny, because I have a hard time falling asleep most nights. I guess I need to try it.

  6. Thanks for the tips! I frequently have a hard time falling asleep, and I use essential oils from time to time to help ease my into sleep. I prefer natural remedies like essential oils. I think they have so many great purposes.

  7. I don’t know much about cedarwood (other than I love the smell) but I know lavender has a long history of being used for sleep. When we finally get settled in a house, I think I’m going to finally get myself a diffuser.

  8. This was made just for me and I know it. I need soothing oils and such to relax my mind sometimes. I’m going to go out and purchase these over the weekend. I suffer from anxiety so I love calming oils although I’m allergic to several of them.


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