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Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry Aromatic Benefits On The Go. Enjoy your favourite scent all day long!

Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry: Aromatic Benefits On The Go

Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry Aromatic Benefits On The Go. Enjoy your favourite scent all day long! www.paintedteacup.comIs there a certain essential oil fragrance that you absolutely love? One that you wish you could have with you all the time? One that helps you to feel relaxed or provides an uplifting feeling?

If you are an essential oil lover like me, then I am sure your answers to the above questions are: yes, yes & yes!

If you could choose one essential oil or essential oil blend that you could smell anywhere you went, what would it be? For me it would probably be the calming blend, balance blend, tangerine, lemon or cinnamon. Ok so that is hardly one favourite oil, but you get the idea!

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How to Take Essential Oils With You Everywhere You Go

Have you heard of essential oil diffusing jewelry? It is such an amazing concept! Diffusing jewelry allows you to put 1-3 drops of your favourite essential oil on the felt pad which you then place inside a necklace or bracelet locket. I have recently learned about and become an independent affiliate with Diffusing Mama’s and I am so glad I did!

Diffusing Mama’s creates beautiful lockets which holds the felt pads I mentioned above. You can buy their lockets as a necklace, bracelet or even in the form of a tag for your dog’s collar!

About Diffusing Mama’s Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry

All of the lockets are made of surgical grade (316L) stainless steel. Diffusing Mama’s high quality products (lockets & chains) are hypoallergenic and nickel free and will not rust or tarnish. The average chains that come with the lockets can be adjusted between 18-20 inches. If you would prefer a larger chain, Diffusing Mama’s has chains up to 26 inches available under ‘accessories’.

The pads that you put the oils on (and place inside the locket) are eco-friendly, washable, reusable, vegan, and easily replaced if needed. The pads are able to hold scents for days and with some oils, for up to a week! The jewelry comes with both a white and a black pad which can be swapped out to best suit your style/preference/wardrobe.

Before I show you how use this jewelry, let’s take a look of some of my recent Diffusing Mama essential oil diffusing jewelry purchases!

My Purchases

Round Silver Soccer Ball Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Necklace

This silver locket is 20mm in diameter and has an adjustable chain which is 18-20 inches long.

Soccer Ball locket. essential oil diffusing jewelry. www.pain



Silver Lotus Flower Bangle

This locket is very unique in that it is a part of a stainless steel bangle, and not as a part of a necklace. The silver locket is 30 mm in diameter. While Diffusing Mama’s do not specify the size of the bangle, I can say that it fits better and is more comfortable on people with smaller wrists. The bangle did not fit me well as I have larger wrists but look how fabulous it looks on my sister-in-law!


lotus flower bangle bracelet. essential oil diffusing jewelry.

Oil Drop Silver Peacock Tail Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Necklace

I am not a fan of birds, and especially not of peacocks but I have to admit, this diffuser necklace is absolutely beautiful! This locket is 30mm in width and 40mm in length. It has chain which can be adjusted between 18 – 20 inches.

Oil drop peacock locket. essential oil diffusing jewelry.


Round Silver Old World Cross Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Necklace

This silver locket is 30mm in diameter and like the other necklaces, comes with an adjustable 18-20 inch stainless steel chain. Here is a picture of me wearing it below but it is soon to be packed up and shipped off to my sister as her belated birthday gift. I had her choose her favourite from all the ones I purchased and this is what she chose!


old world celtic design locket. essential oil diffusing jewelry.

Heart Silver Tree of Life Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Necklace

This locket is my very favourite of all of the items I purchased! It is so elegant and goes beautifully with anything! The silver locket is about 30mm (in length and height) and comes with a 18-20 inch adjustable chain.

Tree of Life locket. Essential oil diffusing jewelry.


How To Use Your Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry

1. Open the locket. Please note each piece comes with a white and black pad. Only use one of these pads, pick the colour you prefer.
2. Place 1-3 drops of your favourite essential oil on to the pad.
3. Close the locket and enjoy the wonderful aroma coming from your diffusing jewelry!

Cleaning & Reusing

1. Take the pad out of the locket
2. Run the pad under warm water using some soap
3. Rinse and let the pad air dry. Once it is dry, use it again!

Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry on My Wish List

Honestly these products are so beautiful that I just can’t help but want more!

Round Sliver Lotus Flower Circle Band Bracelet

Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry Lotus Flower Bracelet

Round Silver Celtic Design Necklace

Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry Celtic Design Locket

Calming Dog Tag Pet Diffuser Locket

I know this one isn’t actually for me, but I am putting it on my dogs wish list! She doesn’t like car rides so putting a few drops of lavender is this locket before a long road trip would really help to feel calm and more relaxed during the trip.

Calming Dog Tag Pet Diffuser Locket for Dogs. Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry

The you have it, now you know how to take essential oils with you anywhere you go!

Which design is your favourite piece of essential oil diffusing jewelry?

I love all of my essential oil diffusing necklaces from Diffusing Mama's! Check out even more aromatherapy jewelry by clicking the image!

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