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Nourishing Essential Oil Lip Chap. This Simple DIY Eseential Oil Lip Recipe is the perfect addition to your all natural beauty routine!

Nourishing Essential Oil Lip Chap with Lavender & Frankincense

Nourishing essential oil lip chap made with shae butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, beeswax, lavender & frankincense essential oils! Perfect for dry lips! DIY Essential Oil Gift Idea. Essential Oil Skin care. #diyessentialoil #lipchap #naturalbeauty #winterdiyI am so excited to share the first recipe in a series of 5 Essential Oil DIY posts! I have decided to share 1 recipe per day over the next 5 days to help give you ideas for holiday gift giving! This essential oil lip chap recipe is great as a gift for for personal use!

As you will see this lip chap uses lavender and frankincense essential oils which are both wonderful for soothing sore, dry & chapped lips! This is a nice thick lip chap which means it stays put on your lips and provides tons of nourishment! This recipe can be used year round but because of it’s thicker texture, it especially great in the cold Fall & Winter months!

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Nourishing Essential Oil Lip Chap with Lavender & Frankincense

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Essential Oil Lip Chap Recipe:



1. Measure and prep your ingredients.

2. In a heat proof jar (or double boiler) place all ingredients except essential oils.
Heat over a rolling boil until everything is fully melted.
Tip: make sure no water gets into the mixture as it will cause the lip chaps to expire quickly

3. While heating, get your lip chap tubes ready.

4. When everything is combined, remove from heat. Let sit one minute. Stir in the essential oils.

5. Moving extremely quickly, use a small funnel to pour the mixture into lip chap tubes. Fill to the top.
Tip: the mixture begins to harden within minutes so don’t take your time.

6. Let sit on the counter for twenty four hours to set.

Yield: Makes 7 lip chaps.


There you have it easy to make essential oil lip chap that is perfect for both personal use and gift giving! 

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