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Essential Oil misconceptions. Myths busted- important essential oil truths you need to know!

Essential Oil Misconceptions: What You Need to Know

Essential Oil misconceptions. Myths busted- important essential oil truths you need to know! www.paintedteacup.comIn today’s society, essential oils are used and talked about at an increasing rate. When information is shared by many people and passed to even more people, sometimes we can get caught up in a confusing game of ‘telephone’. This happens when information starts with one person and by the time it reaches the last person, the information is often unintentionally inaccurate. I have noticed there are some very common essential oil misconceptions so I would like to clarify some of those ‘un-truths’ for you today.

1) All essential oils are made the same.

False, essential oils are not all made the same. This is a very common essential oil misconception. Essential oils are all graded at different levels. Essential oils used in perfumes, those used for aromatherapy and those that are safe to be taken internally all differ in their composition. Reading the label is a must! Many essential oils will state ’100% Pure’ on the front of the bottle but when you read the label you learn more. All 100% Pure means is that the amount of essential oil in the bottle is pure, it does not mean that synthetic fillers have not been added. If an essential oil truly is pure, then the only ingredient listed should be that oil (i.e. peppermint). I strongly recommend essential oils without synthetic fillers and those graded for therapeutic use, to learn more about the oils I use and recommend, contact me.

Essential Oil Misconceptions. Essential oils are often believed to just be hippie oils. There are so many misconceptions about essential oils- myths debunked! www.paintedteacup.com2) Essential oils are new-age hippie nonsense.

False, essential oils have been around longer than pharmaceuticals. By no means are essential oils ‘new-age’, if anything, they are the exact opposite. There is evidence to suggest that essential oils were first used by the Egyptians. Many of us are also likely aware (religious or not) of references to Frankincense and Myrrh in the bible. Although essential oils are being increasingly used in today’s Society, they are far from new as far as history is concerned. That being said, the way essential oils have been distilled has greatly evolved over time. The Modern Essentials book gives a great overview of the history of essential oils.

3) They are very expensive to start using.

False, like anything, there is a cost but there are many cost-effective options when buying essential oils. The company I purchase my essential oils from has a wholesale membership (like Costco) which allows me to save %25 on all my purchases. I also am able to earn a percentage of my order back to earn free product. Also think about all the products you have in your home. If you had a stomach ache you would buy an over-the-counter medication, but would you ever dream of using that same medication for a headache? Peppermint essential oil, can be used in a variety of ways, headaches, ingestion, energy boost, fever reducer, and pest control, just to name a few! Check out more uses for peppermint! So while there is a cost, think of all the money you are saving! Also a little bit goes a long way, more on that in a minute!

4) You need to use a lot of oil each time.

False, this is a huge essential oil misconception, so please read very carefully! Essential oils are extremely potent, so less is more! Did you know: 1 drop of pure therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea. Usually 1-2 drops of any particular essential oil is all that is needed at one time. It is essential that you are using the right amount of oil at a time, and that you are diluting for children. To learn more please read my Essential Oil Safety Guide.

5) There is only one way to use essential oils.

False, as I mentioned above, essential oils are extremely versatile, they can be used on adults, children, pets, cleaning, cooking, and so much more! Also you can use the essential oil application method that works best for you – there is no one way to use essential oils! Read my Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils to learn about the 3 usage options. Also check out this post to learn about the benefits of applying essential oils to your feet!


What are the essential oil misconceptions that you hear most often?

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  1. The expensiveness is definitely a deterrent for me right now. I just want to try it out and they are reallllly pricey if you just want to buy one and a diffuser or something. Sigh

  2. About how much do they cost? I haven’t bought any because of the perceived price, although I’ve never looked.

    • All oils are different prices, depending on what the oil is, how it is distilled etc. There are many different ways you can purchase your oils! I would love to discuss this with you further! Please email me at [email protected] Thanks for visiting Marissa, I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. My medicine cabinet is full of expired medications. I must have a different product for ever ailment under the sun in there. I didn’t realize oils were so versatile. This is really helpful!


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