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Essential Oil Tips & Tricks from my Grandma!

tipsToday I had the pleasure of going to see the “Queen of Essential Oils” aka my grandma! If there is a essential oil, product, or diffuser, my grandma has it!

My grandma has so much information to share about essential oils and she is always learning something new. She has always been a teacher of life lessons, and now it has extended to tips and tricks about essential oils… I am so lucky to have her in my life and through association I guess you are too! If only she knew how widely her knowledge is being spread!

TIP 1: Today she was talking about how to keep your bathroom smelling fresh… even in what could be potentially potent situations. Before the… main event… place a drop or two of essential oil in your toilet bowl (pick a scent of your choice). As we know the oil will then stay on the top of the water leaving the smelly contents trapped underneath! No need for air fresheners or embarrassment… no one will know that you just couldn’t wait any longer!


TIP 2: When you have finished with a bottle of essential oil, do not throw the bottle out – recycle your used bottle! There will come a time that you will want to make an oil blend in that bottle or maybe you already have plans to use a bottle that you know will be empty soon! The original bottle labels may cause confusion when you are trying to remember what is in your recycled bottle. Solution: when you are done with a bottle take off the clear sticky label. Place one drop of Lemon Essential Oil in your hand and roll the bottle through your closed fist… this will help to remove any sticky-ness from the original bottle! Then either create your own label or use pre-made oil labels to mark what is in your new bottle!

Hope you enjoyed these tips from my grandma, the Queen of Essential Oils!

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