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There are many essential oils that can help manage day to day stress as well as chronic stress! Learn how to naturally manage stress with these oils!

Essential Oils for Stress: Helping You to Naturally Support Your Mood

There are many essential oils that can help manage day to day stress as well as chronic stress! Learn how to naturally manage stress with these oils!Stress is something that we all deal with as part of our normal life. There are times when stress is normal and in moderation, can actually be helpful, like taking a test. Also stress comes and goes with life changes such as moving, starting a new job, having a child etc. The problem comes however when our stress doesn’t come and go. Personally I am at a point where my stress levels (cortisol) is not acting as it should be. When we are exposed to high amounts of stress for long periods of time our body is often in fight or flight mode which presents a problem.

I am doing a number of things to help manage my overall stress levels to help regulate my cortisol levels and to also help make my anxiety more manageable. Today I want to share some helpful essential oils for stress. These oils are great for times of temporary stress as well as times when you feel stressed and overwhelmed for extended amounts of time.

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Essential Oils for Stress: Helping You to Naturally Support Your Mood

Lavender Essential Oil

I am starting with lavender first as it has so many wonderful benefits and for this reason it is likely that you already have this essential oil in your home. Lavender is well known for it’s calming, relaxing & soothing properties which is perfect for those of us feeling stressed and overwhelmed! Since lavender is well known for its relaxing properties, many people like to diffuser it in the bedroom to help with sleep. Personally I like to diffuse 3 drops of lavender & 2 drops of cedarwood in my diffuser to help me sleep like a baby! You can learn more about essential oils for sleep here!

You can either apply lavender essential oil topically or add it to your diffuser. When I apply it topically to my skin I usually put a drop on my wrist & rub my wrists together. Sometimes I will also put a drop on the back of my neck.


Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver is another wonderful essential oil for stress as it is well known for it’s calming and grounding effect on our emotions! Many people have found vetiver to be very helpful in calming jittery and nervous feelings. This is a good oil to go to when your stress amps up to a new level and your body is starting to react physically (i.e excessive fighting). Many people also find the relaxing properties of vetiver to be very helpful with sleep.

Vetiver is a very thick oil making it VERY SLOW to come out of the bottle! Many people purchase glass dropper tops to make using vetiver easier.

See an example of glass dropper tops here!


Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

While I cannot speak from personal experience (I do not like the smell of this oil) I can share from research that ylang ylang has calming & uplifting effect. This would be great for times when stress has gotten the best of you and it is impacting your mood in everyday life. When you are managing high levels of stress without downtime, it is very normal that your mood would be impacted in a negative way. While I can’t handle using ylang ylang on it’s own, I have experienced it in doTERRA’s Elevation Blend which I find is very effective to help with lifting my spirits.

Try applying a drop of ylang ylang to the back of your neck when you are feeling stressed and down.


Bergamot Essential Oil

This is another wonderful essential oil and like ylang ylang, it helps to calm & uplift your mood. This would be very helpful when feeling both sad & anxious. If you are in a heightened state of stress you may benefit from adding this oil to your diffuser to help reduce tension.

Some people have also found bergamot to be helpful for managing difficulty sleeping due to stress. This is not something that I have tried however when my anxiety is high it seriously impacts my ability to sleep so this is something I plan to try in the near future. You could apply it topically to your feet or put it in your diffuser to help with sleep.

Note: Bergamot is a photosensitive oil meaning your do not want expose the area of your skin that you applied the oil to for up to 12 hours after application. For that reason it may be best to diffuse it in the summer, or add it to a diffusing necklace* or scarf so you can enjoy the aroma all day!

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is popularly known as the ‘King of Oils’ so it only makes sense that it would help with stress as well! Not only can Frankincense help you to relax, it is can also help to send feelings of stress out the door! When used topically Frankincense can help you to feel relaxed and balanced. Try applying it to the bottoms of your feet!


Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Are you feeling agitated or irritable as a result of the stress you are under? If so this may be the perfect essential oil to help. In general chamomile is known for it’s calming properties so it only makes sense that it would be a great oil to use for stress! It seems most people have the best results when they diffuse roman chamomile to help with tension and irritability.

Can you believe that I don’t own this oil?! Since it was unavailable for so long I didn’t have a bottle. It’s one I better add to my order in the near future as I think I would find it very helpful for managing my mood.  


Melissa Essential Oil

I left this one until last because while it is extremely useful (I would almost go so far as to call it the ‘Queen of Oils’) it is also very expensive. I was very lucky to have this oil gifted to me from my Grandma and I have found it SO helpful in managing my stress and anxious feelings! I love the scent of this oil, I would describe it as light, fresh and lemony.

Melissa has many wonderful benefits, particularly when it comes to mood! Melissa is very helpful in managing nerves and tension during stressful occasions. It is also great in helping to promote relaxation!

I currently have a roller bottle blend that I am using daily to help manage my stress day to day but also to try and help get my levels back to normal.


My Stress Roller Bottle Blend

3 drops Lavender

3 drops Frankincense

2 drops Melissa

Add to a 10ml roller bottle and fill to the top with fractionated coconut oil or carrier oil of your choice!

Learn more about dilution ratios here!

I apply this blend to my wrists in the morning as I find it helps me to manage stress throughout the day but also gives me a boost of energy!

Here is a Facebook live video I did on this topic!

There you have it, 7 different essential oils for stress! I hope you are able to find one or a combination of a few oils to help you manage the day to day stress you are experiencing!

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  1. I made a mood support blend that I call “Peace on Earth”. It is 10 drops each of Frankincense, Melissa and Roman Chamomile topped off with FCO in a 10ml roller bottle. It has been very helpful for the people that I have made it for and it is one I am asked for often. Will definitely try this blend with Lavender. I’m sure it would be quite effective also.


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