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Learn about the best essential oils for freshening up your home! These 5 essential oils will leave your home smelling fresh and clean!

The Best Essential Oils for Freshening Up Your Home

Learn about the best essential oils for freshening up your home! These 5 essential oils will leave your home smelling fresh and clean! Essential oils have completely changed my household cleaning routine! I love that they’re a natural alternative to those toxic chemicals that are in most cleaners and I get to save money by using what I already have on hand. With essential oils, a little goes along way and only a few drops are needed.

To keep my home smelling fresh I have some favorite essential oils I like to use year round. All of these essential oils are affordable, smell great and are a wonderful addition for every household. Today I am going to share my must have essential oils for freshening up your home! 

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The Best Essential Oils for Freshening Up Your Home


1. Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit essential oil purifies the air and can kill airborne germs. Great for home and office; simply add 2-3 drops in a diffuser. You can make a DIY household cleaner by adding six drops essential oil to one quart of distilled water and shake. Create an easy to use room spray by adding 10 essential oil drops with two ounces of spring water and put in a glass spray bottle. Grapefruit has a sweet, tangy smell that energizes and refreshes the air.

2. Lemon Essential Oil 

With its light clean scent, lemon essential oil is the most popular for using as a cleaner and throughout the household. Lemon is known to be a natural antiviral and is safe for almost any surface. It has an invigorating scent making it a perfect choice for cleaning and deodorizing. Use a drop or two to treat stains in laundry or to polish leather and natural wood.

My All-Purpose Bathroom Cleaning Spray uses both lemon and tea tree essential oils. Get the recipe here! You can also get 8 different cleaning recipes that use lemon essential oil over at One Essential Community!

3. Tea Tree Essential Oil

I’m fairly certain tea tree essential oil is the most powerful of antiseptic oils. With its vaporous, woody smell it has a powerful scent that purifies the air. Give your other household cleaners some oomph by adding tea tree to the mix. Tea tree fights mildew and works as a wonderful laundry booster.

4. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is a wonderful essential oil to use throughout the home! Lavender essential oil offers many benefits and is the most versatile. Lavender works as a deodorizer and for that reason makes a great choice for sanitizing counter tops, sinks and furniture. Lavender’s scent reminds me of a floral pine and is best used wherever clothes or blankets are stored, as a linen spray or in a diffuser to freshen up the home while creating a sense of peace and calm.

5. Purify Essential Oil Blend

doTERRA’s Purify blend combines the best of essential oils known for their purification properties. This essential oil blend can immediately replace strong odors and cleanse the air. Purify protects against environment stressors while being a strong and effective cleaner to use throughout the home. Purify essential oil blend offers an airy, fresh and pleasant scent. You get the best of oils in the exclusive combination.  

There you have it, 5 essential oils for freshening up your home! Which oil do you use most often for this purpose?


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