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There are so many great ways to use essential oils in the garden! Learn about 5 great benefits, essential oils for pest control and practical uses!

5 Ways to Use Essential Oils in the Garden

Most essential oil talk revolves around aromatherapy, diffusers and roller bottles, or the latest and greatest accessory. It might not have occurred to you to use them outdoors, too.

Coming from nature themselves, essential oils have positive properties that can play a vital role in the health and success of your garden.  

Just like essential oils enhance your life, they elevate the therapeutic effect that gardening has on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Essential oils are potent both indoors and out, and make a great addition for most every type of garden. Incorporating essential oils in your gardening routine ensures that you and your plants get the very best care.


5 Ways to Use Essential Oils in the Garden

Repel pesky insects:

The last thing you want to do is spend time and energy planting your garden to have it overrun by bugs. Essential oils can get rid of problem insects, or prevent infestation when they’re used from the get-go.

Stop fungus and bacteria from spreading:

Just like people, plants get sick too. Approximately 85% of plant diseases are a result of fungi. Essential oils can prevent and stop harmful bacteria and disease from spreading and destroying your hard work.

Attract needed pollinators:

Attracting pollinators to your garden gives your fruits, vegetables and flowers the pollination it needs to thrive. You’ll reap the benefits from the natural environment and enjoy a  healthy, beautiful crop.

Balance mood

When you use essential oils in the garden it doubles as a sanctuary for peace and calm. Don’t just plant fruits and veggies, plant flowers too. Use lavender, marjoram and rosemary essential oils if you’d like to attract butterflies.


Essential oils can serve as an insect repellant and also comfort cuts, scrapes and bites. If you tend to be sore after planting they can ease tired, achy muscles or relieve symptoms of sunburn.


Essential Oils in the Garden: What to Use

Wild Orange or Neroli

  • Ants, Chiggers, Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats and other flying insects.

Tea Tree, Oregano or Rosemary

  • Inhibits growth of many species of fungus.

Cedarwood, Pine

  • Slugs and snails.

Peppermint or Thyme

  • Beetles


  • Best used if you want to safely deter your own household pets.

Lavender, Marjoram and Helichrysum

  • Attract bees and butterflies.

how to use essential oils for pest control, There are so many great ways to use essential oils in the garden! Learn about 5 great benefits, essential oils for pest control and practical uses!

How to use the essential oils in the garden:

Make a natural insecticidal soap

Combine 1 ½ tablespoons of biodegradable liquid soap with 1 quart of water and a few drops of essential oils, shake well.

Cotton balls

Place a drop or two of essential oils or solution on cotton balls or cotton strings and place around your garden.

Wash leaves

Dilute with water and wash top and bottom of plant leaves with a soft cloth.

Watering can

Place a few drops of oils directly in your watering can.


 Combine essential oils with water in a spray bottle and mist over plants a 2-3 times per week.

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There you have it, some great ways to use essential oils in the garden! 

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