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Essential Oils in Canada

Essential Oils in Canada

Essential Oils in Canada www.paintedteacup.comThe essential oil company I am involved with is currently working with the Canadian Government in attempts to make some big exciting changes regarding the Canadian market. As you know currently all products are shipped from the United States and are listed in US$. It is my hope that the big changes will create positive changes for Canadians regarding shipping and currency rates listed online.

While the company is undergoing this process, Canadian consultants have been asked to no longer advertise the company and the products online in attempts to make the process with the Canadian Government go smoother and faster.

I will continue to post on Painted Teacup on a regular basis (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday). You can expect to find the same quality of posts with ideas about essential oil uses, safety, diffusers, applications etc. However, I will not be discussing specific products from the company listed above.


You will notice that my past posts will be changed in the next few days so that the company name is no longer stated. Trademarked blend names will also no longer be used but will be described generically i.e. calming blend.

If you are interested in learning more about the essential oils produced by the company mentioned above and the best way to buy them, please contact me here.

I would like to remind you that the essential oil company mentioned above produces many essential oils that are safe for internal consumption. However, it is important to remember that most brands of essential oils ARE NOT safe to ingest. Essential oils you see in the store my say 100% Pure but all that means is the percentage of oil in the bottle is pure – it does not mean that harmful synthetic fillers have not been added!

I hope you will continue to visit Painted Teacup during this time. In order to stay up to date on posts regarding everything related to essential oils please enter your email address below! As a thank you, I will send you my Ultimate Essential Oil Summer Survival Guide: How to Get Relief from Sun Burns, Bug Bites, Hangovers and More!

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