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How to Get Started with doTERRA Essential Oils

Learn About doTERRA & How to Start using Essential Oils in Your Home

Today I wanted to share how I was first introduced to essential oils and how I started using doTERRA essential oils! I I will also share the best/most intelligent way for you to purchase your doTERRA essential oils in order to meet your family’s particular needs while saving you money…who doesn’t love saving money?!?

How I got Started with doTERRA

The morning of my Granda’s funeral in December 2013 I woke up with the worst cold/flu I have ever had! I had been up sick all night and had very little sleep, physically I felt awful. That said, there was nothing that could stop me from going so I got up and eventually pulled it together and got out the door. After the funeral I was completely exhausted (emotionally) and felt horrible (cold/flu) so I went straight to my mom’s house and laid on the couch. My Grandma started to put a bunch of oils on me… On Guard, Breathe, DigestZen and probably others! I didn’t think they would work but I didn’t have the energy to fight her on it! Shortly after I noticed an improvement… still horrible, but better. After sleeping all night with Breathe in the diffuser I felt better, to the point that I didn’t have a choice but to believe that the essential oils actually worked! Since then I have incorporated essential oils more and more into my daily routine to deal to help with digestive support, managing emotions, immune support and more! In March 2015 I decided to sign up as a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA so I could share the wonderful benefits of essential oils with others!

Why doTERRA?

Essential oils are widely available today and can be found at your local drugstore, bulk food store, health store etc. Although many of these oils may state that they are 100% pure it only means that the portion of oil in the bottle is pure, it does not mean that other synthetic (chemical) fillers have not been added to the bottle! I always recommend that everyone read the label to see what ingredients are actually listed so you truly know what’s in the bottle.

doTERRA has Quality Oils

doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils represent the safest and most beneficial oils available in the world today. In order to receive the CPTG rating essential oils must be pure and natural, free from fillers and/or artificial ingredients, free of contaminants, pesticides, and chemical residues. Every doTERRA essential oil must be rigorously tested to ensure quality, purity, consistency, and potency! The CPTG rating makes doTERRA essential oils safe for internal consumption (with the exception of a select few). With doTERRA what you see is what you get, each bottle contains ONLY certified pure therapeutic grade oils!


Get the Best Oils & Value for your Money!

You can choose to purchase your doTERRA oils directly from our website at retail price OR you can sign up with a wholesale membership (like Costco) to receive the products at wholesale price (25% discount) and receive other great benefits!

This Chart shows a comparison between retail and wholesale.

Purchase products at full priceSave 25% on all purchases
No opportunity to earn free productsEarn a portion of your purchase back in points to use towards free product
No opportunity for commissionAbility to earn commissions/bonuses from doTERRA (contact us to learn more)!
No monthly purchase obligationNo monthly purchase obligation


In order to sign up for the wholesale membership you pay an enrollment fee of $35, however with the purchase of an enrollment kit, the fee is included! Starting with an enrollment kit will create a great supportive foundation for your family’s health and wellness needs!

Please note: If you are interested in building a business with doTERRA essential oils then you will want to sign up as a Wellness Advocate as opposed to a wholesale membership. You get the same benefits a wholesale member gets however you are also able to earn commission and bonuses! If you are interested in the business side of doTERRA then please contact me by email at [email protected]

Enrollment Kits 

Click here to see all of doTERRA’s wonderful enrollment kits and find the one that best suits your needs!


Picking the Right Kit for Your Family

It is important that you pick the enrollment kit that best fits your family’s needs as well as your budget! If you need help figuring out what kit is best for you, I am more than happy to help! Email me at [email protected]


How to Sign Up with a Wholesale Membership:

Click on this link and then click ‘join & save’. You will be required to fill in some personal information and will need to enter my enroller ID 1737906.

  • Click on ‘Wholesale membership’, unless you are wanting to sell doTERRA in which case you could select ‘wellness advocate)
  • You will then need to add your contact info and may be required to enter my enroller ID which is 1737906
  • From here you will pick the best kit to fit your needs.
  • The kit should arrive around 1 week after you have ordered it!
  • You will also receive an email from us within 24 hours of signing up to welcome you to doTERRA and help direct you towards resources so that you can start using your kit right away!

Again if you have any questions about signing up as a wellness advocate or if you are interested in pursuing doTERRA as a business opportunity (to earn commissions and bonuses), please email me at [email protected]