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Easy and manageable tips and ideas to help you to be productive when you are busy and have a lot going on!

How to Be Productive When You Have 101 Things to Do

Easy and manageable tips and ideas to help you to be productive when you are busy and have a lot going on! www.paintedteacup.comHas life been busy lately? If you are like the majority of people (myself included), I would image that you know what it feels like to have 101 things to do but no time to do it! Sometimes when you have so much to do, it is easy to feel almost frozen in place. This results in you wasting time and having even more things to do! I have been there… often… I get it!

That ‘frozen’ feeling is horrible, it seems to increase stress while decreasing self-confidence which is not a good or productive way to feel.

I am by no means an expert in being productive (this is something I am constantly working to improve) however I have found a few things that work for me.


How to Be Productive When You Have 101 Things to Do

Make the Type of Lists That Work For You

I used to make a written list but I would just add to the list or rewrite one every few days because half the items were crossed off but the other half still needed to be done. Not only were my lists a mess, I was also wasting time by re-writing lists!

I needed to find something that worked for me… I found it… and I LOVE it! Introducing “sticky notes” which is an app on Windows desktops & laptops! You can also get Sticky Notes for Mac’s!These notes live on your desktop. You can add more, delete them. change the colours, move them around and you can even adjust the size (one could take up your whole screen if you like)! I use them for my weekly lists and also for other information that I turn to often.


Turn Off Social Media

Social media can be SUPER distracting, especially when you are trying to procrastinate! I am a Social Media Manager so it is not always possible to turn off my social media, but there are also many times when I don’t need to be on social media! If I am working on writing content for blog posts or if I am writing my essential oil ebook (keep your eyes peeled in the next 3 weeks), I turn off my social media. By this I mean signing out of Facebook ( and all other platforms), turning off the volume on my phone, and literally putting my phone in a different room of the house.

If my phone is beside me, I will literally check it every 5 minutes… it’s just habit. Turn your phone off and literally put it in a different part of your house if that’s what helps you!



My weekends often consist of working on Painted Teacup and doing work for our social media clients. For a while I was getting myself stuck in a horrible trap. I would start my morning scrolling through Facebook. I have literally wasted hours and hours by doing this! Now I make a plan (before turning on my computer) and prioritize the 3 biggest tasks (beginning with the most important). Now I will start with the biggest task, work through it, and then reward myself with a set amount of social media time. It makes a big difference and I have been able to get so much done in a short period of time which gives me more time to work on other projects or to… I dunno… maybe relax!


Write Down Your Goals

Don’t just write down what you want to do, establish HOW you will do them! It is important that you are creating S.M.A.R.T goals which stand for: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. I have created a free printable here which will help you to create SMART goals!


Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

When you aren’t getting things done or when you feel ‘frozen’, it is easy to be unreasonably hard on yourself which is not motivating! If you find that you are being hard on yourself, check out these 14 quotes that prove you are more successful than you think! Being too hard on yourself and letting yourself get away with excuses can sometimes be a fine line but in time you will find a balance of these 2 thoughts that work for you!

I hope these simple tips will be helpful in moving you from ‘frozen’ to productive!

How do you stay productive when you are really busy?

18 thoughts on “How to Be Productive When You Have 101 Things to Do”

  1. I really do need to get better at it. The social media is really my biggest issue. I work at home from my computer it is way to easy to just hop over to FB and scroll. I love the idea of the sticky notes I will have to check it out.

  2. Staying off of social media hasn’t been too bad lately. I’ve been cutting down my hours because of my personal life. Great advice and tips!

  3. Social media is a time sucker for me for sure, especially as a blogger. I seem to get sidetracked way too easy when I am working online. I find having a list helps me feel accomplished as I check off items.


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