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How to Make the Perfect Vision Board

How to Make the Perfect Vision Board. Goal Setting, Law of Attraction. www.paintedteacup.comToday I wanted to share a wonderful guest post written by Tiara Shae from Harper’s Block.

Tiara Shae is virtual business manager by day and law of attraction groupie by night. She’s gone from working in retail to traveling Europe and Asia within a year. Visit Harper’s Block to learn more about the law of attraction and achieving your life goals.

Now on to Tiara’s awesome post!

How to Make the Perfect Vision Board 

Making a vision board can be like shopping at the mall, you see everything that you want but you can only buy so much! Vision boards are really awesome for keeping your attention focused on your goal so you can achieve them with ease and passion. We can all use a daily and beautiful reminder of the things we wish to achieve and experience to keep our eyes on the prize and away from doubt! Here is a great method to make a vision board that your bright future will thank you for:

Step 1: The Power of Now

While you are collecting pictures and words for your board, start with finding photos that represent what you have already in your life that you are thankful for and proud of!

Just take a look at your life and ignore the things you want to change for a moment. Find things in your life that you just wouldn’t know what to do without. Family members, friends, your job, your great health, and maybe even awards you have won. You can be as creative as you want with this. This will remind you that you are already on the right track to getting everything you want in life.

Step 2: 12 Months from Now

Think about some changes you want to make and some new additions you would like to have within the next 12 months. While you are picking these items, make sure they are goals that you are going to be devoted to!

Pay attention to areas that you care about but need constant reminders of like career, fitness, recreational desires, finances, relationships, and of course GIFTS!


Step 3: Bucket List Goals

With this step, think BIG! Think of those big goals that you want to achieve. These don’t have to have an exact time to be achieved, just think about some big extravagant things you want to happen in your life at some point. Travel to Europe, live in a palace, become a millionaire, have a ton of fun with this.


Step 4: Life Moto

With this last step to making the perfect vision board, this is where you sum up your life in words. Find some words that describe the amazing life you want to live; SUCCESSFUL, JOY, HONOR, CREATIVITY, LOVE. You could even find a quote that sums up what you believe in and stick in the middle of your board.

Of course, the perfect vision board is whatever board you decided to make. There is no right or wrong way to make a spectacular vision board. However, the best vision board you could ever make is a board that you are going to put your all into to make them happen!
I hope you have a ton of fun making your board! Have you made a vision board in the past? What was your experience? 

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I want to thank Tiara so much for writing this guest post! I have wanted to create a vision board for a while but this has finally given me the motivation I need!

16 thoughts on “How to Make the Perfect Vision Board”

  1. What a cool idea; I’ve never really heard of this concept before, but now I’ll have to start putting one together!

    • I actually have a ‘secret’ board on pinterest called ‘Vision Board’ but right now it is mainly for collecting ideas for when I make one. I have also seen people make them on programs such as picmonkey. I would probably get mine done a lot sooner if it was ‘virtual’. Thanks for visiting Trisha!

  2. This is a great idea! I love how in step 1, you get to identify things or people that you cannot life without. You get to participate in gratitude and see the good in your life before anything else.

  3. I heard a quote today, “If you don’t have anything to die for, then you don’t have anything to live for”. Vision is so important to help you see where you’re going. Thanks for sharing at the #AnythingGoes Link Party.

  4. Thought-provoking! Inspiring! I love the concept of creating a vision board! I am delighted that you shared your informative and valuable tips on ‘How to Make the Perfect Vision Board’ on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.


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