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While we know about the importance of self-care, it's something we often neglect. Learn how self-care benefits mental health & how to start practicing it!

The Importance of Self-Care: An Ongoing Work in Progress

While we know about the importance of self-care, it's something we often neglect. Learn how self-care benefits mental health & how to start practicing it!Self-care is so very important. I am sure this is a statement you have heard many, many times! In fact you may even know that there are studies that show the positives benefits of self-care increasing reduced stress and increased happiness. And while you understand the importance of self-care, you feel it is a nice idea but something you just don’t have time for. Does this sound like you?

This was me for many, many years. Through my role as a social worker I fully understood the benefits of self-care and I encouraged the individuals I worked with to partake in various forms but when it came to myself, self-care was low on the priority list. Why? NOT. ENOUGH. TIME!

I am sure you are someone who loves the idea of self-care. Ideas like, going to the beach, having a nice long relaxing bath or spending an hour with your favourite book. But the reality is that you simply do not have enough time. You have so many other things that NEED to get done so self-care falls away.

The funny thing is that while we may not notice effects if self-care is not practiced in the short term, the lack of self-care becomes increasingly evident as time passes on.

The Importance of Self-Care: An Ongoing Work in Progress

It is my hope that through this post it is clear that I don’t have this all worked out. I don’t have the perfect solution or the answer to solve all of your problems. But like many of you, it is something I am working on. I have been getting much better at taking time for myself and I now better understand the importance of self-care for ME.

Since taking more time for myself over the past few months I have noticed that I laugh more (I have always been a happy person but this side had been slipping away), generally I sleep better and I also feel less overwhelmed in general.

If you simply do not have the time to spend 15-20 minutes on a self-care activity, that’s ok. Start small. Doing something is better than doing nothing in this case. Start with just 5 minutes! Here are some ideas of self-care activities you can do in just 5 minutes! Or you could even take a minute to read these 12 self-care quotes to help inspire you

What I Tried in November:

I also tried something new this month! I received a ChronicAlly Box Subscription in the mail. Before I go any further I would like to note that I was sent this box for an honest review and I promise to give you exactly that, an honest review (spoiler alert: it’s a super positive review because I flippin loved this box)!

The ChronicAlly Box is the FIRST ever Chronic Illness Woman & Girl’s Health & Beauty Subscription Box! There is a huge focus on self-care, wellness and overall just feeling good! Plus you get it in the mail… I don’t know about you but I LOVE getting mail!

I received the November box and it was filled with some awesome items:

You Got This Mug: I drink tea just about every day so not only was this mug super practical but is also very cute and the inspiring message is a perfect reminder on tough days!

Tea Steeper: This diffuser is perfect because it is wider that the typical stainless steel steepers which are often hard to clean. When I wanted to empty this on I simply pushed on the bottom and all the tea came right out. Just the fact that this could be easily cleaned felt like a positive act of self-care in itself 😛

Chai Tea Lip Balm: Confession: since getting this box last week I have probably been applying the lip balm close to 10 times a day. It smells so amazing and goes on silky unlike many waxy feeling lip balms.

Meditative Mind Tea: I haven’t had a chance to try this yet as lately my tea drinking needs have been more out of a need for caffeine. But this tea sounds wonderful and I look forward to trying it!

Clarity Bath Bag: This bag is filled with tea and epsom salts for a soothing and relaxing bath!

While many of us understand the importance of self-care, it is something that we often neglect. Our mental health benefits when we take time to practice self-care, even if just for a few minutes per day!

As you can see, with this box I couldn’t avoid self-care even if I wanted to! I love all of the items that I got! It just so happens that I am a tea lover but if you aren’t don’t worry, the boxes change every month and are not usually focused around tea! You can see some of the boxes from other months here!

I highly recommend you subscribe to this box to help you build some self-care into your daily routine!

I hope this poof yourself! You aren’t helping anyone if you aren’t taking care of you (I know, I know WAY easier said than done)! st helped to remind you of the importance of self-care! Remember to take care of YOU!


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