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Learn what mindfulness is including the benefits and how to start using it! Also find 8 sources that share how to practice mindfulness in your daily life.

8 Articles to Help You KickStart The Habit Of Mindfulness

Learn what mindfulness is including the benefits and how to start using it! Also find 8 sources that share how to practice mindfulness in your daily life.Today I am excited to share a guest post with you that was written by Sneha from Kaizen Mommy! Sneha shares information to help you be more mindful in your daily living!

Let’s turn it over to Sneha!

8 Articles On the Internet That Will Help You KickStart The Habit Of Mindfulness

As a busy mother of two boys under 5, feelings of stress, overwhelm, anger are far too familiar.  The want of peace and calm is on the rise in the life of busy people like me. But there is not enough time in the day to actually meditate and sit calmly closing my eyes to watch my thoughts. When one is constantly rushing from one task to another, it is only matter of time when the general advice will be “SLOW DOWN.”

Mindfulness is the answer to this information. As it can be easily incorporated into busy schedules, it was easy to jump on the bandwagon.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the new buzzword floating around everywhere. Everyone seems intrigued by it. The definition of mindfulness is to be aware and being fully present in the moment.

How is it Different from Meditation?

Popularly known, meditation is a deliberate practice that involves setting time aside, closing eyes and focusing on the breath so your mind has a job to do, and yourself can become more aware of the supreme consciousness. In our daily routine, we struggle to find time to sit down, close our eyes and meditate. Mindfulness is the core to incorporate meditation into our everyday lives.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation, but it focuses on being aware of the task at hand and focusing on it.

Benefits of Mindfulness

It is closely linked to anxiety and stress-relief. It helps people deal with their relationship issues, eating disorders. Heightened awareness also helps with connecting with moments better and thus producing better work. It is known to improve sleep, substance abuse, and depression issues.

How to practice being mindful?

Mindfulness means slowing down ourselves to be in the moment and be aware of everything that we do on purpose, and focus on that activity completely and non-judgmentally.

It can be practiced daily and is very easy to incorporate. It does not require anything special or extra. It only requires an intention of wanting to be mindful in the day.

How to Get Started

I have rounded up eight articles on mindfulness for you to incorporate into your daily life. These will quite quickly get you started on the path and more.

Mindfulness Meditation and Essential Oils: Check this article to learn how to use essential oils with mindfulness meditation. They have recommended different oils for various forms of stress relief

Mindfulness During PlayTime: This article rounds up how to relieve stress while playing with kids. It is especially important for moms with young babies and toddlers.

Coloring Books: This article articulates the trend of coloring books, and it’s link to mindfulness practice.

HeadSpace: Read more about 5 activities that can be mindful or unmindful and how to know the difference here

Bringing Mindfulness To Work: You will find simple ways here that will show you how to incorporate the practice of mindfulness at work.

Teaching Mindfulness To Kids: Have you wondered if this practice would help kids deal with their issues? This article seems to answer that question.

Want To Learn How To Have Fun While Doing Laundry? Here is an interesting article to read!


I hope these articles bring you enough interest to get started in the practice of mindfulness. If you have tried it and have more fun ways to incorporate the practice into your daily life, I would love to know about it.

Today’s challenge: Choose a task and slow down. Become aware of it. Feel it. Enjoy it. Sense it. Smell it. At every step, decide to be in the moment. When you are done, write in the comments below, how you felt? I would love to hear from you about your experience!

Guest Bio:

This post was written by Sneha J at Kaizen Mommy where she gives actionable tips on how to use self-care and mindfulness for a positive motherhood experience. She is an industrial engineer turned blogger who plays superheroes all day long with her two boys under 5, loves good food, spirituality and mommy time. She will be genuinely happy to hear your feedback on her blog! You can also follow her on social media: Facebook, pinterest, Twitter, Instagram


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