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Mood Management with Essential Oils

moodWe all experience moments when we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, agitated, angry, sad, anxious etc. At least I do… I assume you have had those moments as well! When I am experiencing various uncomfortable feelings, I turn to essential oils to manage the pesky feeling and feel more level/balanced so that I can move on with my day.

Let’s start with the need to feel balanced… for this, try the Grounding Blend. I turn to this blend when I have an overall feeling of being overwhelmed, disconnected and slightly agitated. I know I need to use this blenf when I ‘just don’t feel like myself’. I use 2 drops on the bottom of each foot. It can also be helpful when 1-2 drops are applied along the spine.


I turn to the Calming Blend when I am feeling the complete opposite of serene! I find it most helpful when I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and agitated. I will apply 2 drops of this blend on the back of my neck to help me calm down and relax… I use this application method the most when I am feeling wound up and overwhelmed before bed and have difficulty settling down. When I am feeling agitated I will rub 1-2 drops in the palms of my hands. I cup my hands over my nose and slowly breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. Lavender is another oil great for relaxation and can be used in the same ways as the Calming Blend. Also consider adding Lavender essential oil to your warm bath to help you relax.

Whether you are feeling sad, down, or tired we all know the feeling of needing a ‘pick-me-up’. The Joyful Blend and the Invigorating Blend both help bring that much-needed mood ‘boost’. The Joyful Blend works great for me as an energy and mood boost when applied on the sides of my neck, over my heart, and on my earlobe I have also had success when applying 2 drops to the bottom of each foot. While the Invigorating Blend can bring an uplifting feeling, it also helps to reduce stress and the nasty feelings that come with it. It works wonders in the diffuser but is also helpful when applied to the wrists (like perfume).

I would love to hear about your experiences with these oils! Please comment below : )


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  1. I don’t know what you mean by grounding blend or calming blend or the other blends. Do you have the blends on your site?

    I do use lavender. In fact, it is the only essential oil that I have in my home besides vanilla.


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