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My Daily Essential Oil Routine

dailyThere are so many amazing essential oils which sometimes makes it hard to figure out where to start!

So far I have written about how to use essential oils and the safety precautions you should follow, but I thought today it would be helpful to share how I use essential oils on a daily and weekly basis.



Lemon: I put 1-2 drops of lemon in a GLASS with about 8oz of water to help detoxify my system. I find that this is a very refreshing way to start the day and it seems to help wake me up. I usually do this 2-3 times per week.

Grounding Blend & Joyful Blend: Lately I have been staying up way to late, as I mentioned in my other post, these two oils help to give me some much needed energy after a late night. My work has a ‘no scent’ policy so to get around this I first put 2 drops of the Grounding Blend on the bottom of each foot and then do the same with the Joyful Blend. I then put on socks and shoes which seems to block the smell of the oils from those around me. If it wasn’t for the scent policy I would still put the Grounding Blend on my feet however I would apply 1 drop of the Joyful Blend over my heart and 1 drop down the sides of my neck- I would then use the remaining residue on my fingers and rub it across my brow and on my ear lobes.



This is the time of day when I am most likely to experience head and neck muscle tension, when this happens I combine 6 drops of Frankincense and 6 drops of Marjoram in a veggie capsule. Also remember to refer to my earlier post when deciding whether or not you want to ingest oils.

Peppermint: For mild head and neck tension I will rub a drop of peppermint across my forehead and on my temples.

Diffuser: I usually turn my diffuser on after returning home from work. Depending on the day/situation I will have different oils running. The Protective Blend is great for supporting a healthy immune system and as an added bonus both my husband and I LOVE the smell of on guard in the diffuser. Lemon is also great as it is uplifting and gives the house a clean, fresh smell. The Respiratory Blend is used in the bedroom at night to help support clear airways and allow us to sleep! I also occasionally use the Grounding Blend in the diffuser in the bedroom as I feel that it gives me a DEEP restful sleep.

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Focus Blend: Although I love writing this blog, sometimes I find it difficult to concentrate on my writing after having worked all day. I rub it on the back of my neck and wait about 5 or 10 minutes before going back to the screen. After doing this I feel much more relaxed and I am able to think more clearly.

Digestive Blend: After supper is usually the time that my tummy likes to play tricks on me! I use 2 drops of this blend on the arches of each foot to deal with “bathroom issues” :P. If my stomach is feeling ‘heavy’, sick or if I am experiencing discomfort then I will apply 1-2 drops on my stomach. Check out Essential Oils for Digestive Relief

Soothing Blend: By the end of the day my body pain is usually acting up so I turn to this blend to help reduce the pain…. The Soothing Blend should also be known as “miracle working life saver”…. That’s my opinion anyways… and probably my husband’s too as I am a lot nicer when I’m comfortable 😛 I put it on whichever area is experiencing muscle tension, usually my neck and shoulders! If you are using this oil blend on a large area (such as neck and shoulders) you should mix 1-2 drops with a tsp of carrier oil (grapeseed oil or fractionated coconut oil) to help the oil spread further. Essential Oils for Pain.

Lemon: Yes I use this at night too, only this time I use it on my face. I use a dab of lemon on my not so pretty zits before bed to help dry them out and reduce the size while I am sleeping. I recently decided to change my hairstyle and I now have much more prominent bangs … it seems that my skin does not love that my bangs found a new ‘hang-out’.

Calming Blend: Last but not least, this blend helps me to get a restful sleep (one I finally decide to go to bed)! I put 2 drops on the back of my neck and then breathe in the remaining residue from my hands by cupping my hands over my nose and breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. The Calming Blend seems to help my body relax and helps me to fall asleep quickly.

I hope you found my daily Essential Oil routine helpful! I would love to hear about your routine, leave your comments below!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your Daily Essential Oil Routine with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! It is so helpful and inspiring to see how you incorporate essential oils into your daily life. I use some essential oils but I have learned so many great tips from this post. I’m pinning and sharing!

  2. This was really helpful. I have been dabbling in essential oils but haven’t been incorporating them in my daily life as much I would like. this was really useful! I run a health and wellness blog and would love to connect.

  3. Thank you for sharing. You talking about the various “blends”. What is in those blends? Or are they the one oil you mention and and carrier in a roller?


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