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natural DIY bug repellent using essential oils

Natural Bug Repellent using Essential Oils

natural bug repellent DIY essential oil recipes. www.paintedteacup.comThe sun is now shining longer and families are able to laugh and play outside- but wait there is one problem- the bugs! It’s hard to have fun when the bugs are swarming around your head or biting you!

This summer instead of reaching for bug spray which is full of chemicals (most of which we cannot pronounce) use an all-natural bug repellent- outdoor blend to the rescue!

Make sure you check out the recipes below to keep your family protected from bugs this summer. Also read Essential Oils for Dogs for some great DIY Flea and Tick Sprays for your four-legged family member!

DIY Spray using the Outdoor Blend: Combine the outdoor blend in a glass spray bottle (essential oils can break down plastic) with water and mist on every 4-6 hours. This is a safe, natural alternative for the whole family!

You can also make some DIY essential oil bug sprays using cleansing blend, outdoor blend and peppermint.

Check out this DIY Bug Spray from Kathleen at Yankee Homestead!

This DIY Bug Spray from Merissa at Little House Living uses lavender, peppermint, thyme, and lemongrass.

Bug Bite Remedy: If one of those sneaky little bug-gers happens to get you, apply lavender essential oil to the bite. This will help to reduce the itch and will also reduce redness/swelling.

Which essential oils do you plan to use to keep the bugs away this summer? I’d love to hear from you below!

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