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Nightmare Be Gone Lotion with Essential Oils

BedtimeLotionI am excited that Krista from My Naturally Crazy Life is back with another guest post! You may remember Krista’s last guest post called How to Naturally Reduce Your Sugar Intake!

Krista is the mother of three beautifully rambunctious children, a wife, a Registered Massage Therapist, a hobby photographer, and a lover of essential oils. On her blog you will find posts about essential oils and cake decorating!

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Now let’s read Krista’s DIY Essential Oil Guest post which includes a bedtime lotion for the little ones and an awesome sugar scrub for the adults!

I think I have a problem. A couple of weeks ago I bought a box of 12 125ML mason jars and immediately felt compelled to do something with all of them. I can’t just leave empty jars! So now I was on an adventure to find different DIY projects to fill these jars. I love making lotions and salves and so I thought I would start there.

The first thing I made is what I call “Nightmare Be Gone”. My oldest child is five and is also my mini me. Which is pretty cute, until you get to the part where she takes after me and has night terrors. Oh man, that is not cool! Not cool at all. For those of you that don’t know what a night terror is it’s basically when you wake up; can acknowledge the world around you, see the room, talk, walk, you name it! But you also see things that aren’t there……… Entire sections of the space in front of you can be different, or a big F****** spider is diving at your face, or an extension cord is flying across the room. It’s seriously messed up!

My poor parents and siblings had to deal with me randomly screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night. I am the only one in my family (parents and brothers) that gets these so I thought ‘well hey! My kids should be ok’. Not so. Not so. So back to my oldest. She was lucky enough to take after me and have night terrors, my poor beautiful child. This has resulted in a child too afraid to go to sleep in her own room unless she is on a mattress on the floor with her sister, and honestly usually just ends up on a mattress on the floor in our room.

Nightmare Be Gone Lotion with Essential Oils:

I knew I had to try something, so after that long-winded explanation I bring you back to ‘Nightmare Be Gone Lotion’. This was my genius idea to help my daughter overcome the stress of sleep. Being afraid of having nightmares and night terrors only brought them on more often. So I grabbed a mason jar, some coconut oil, raw cocoa butter, beeswax and a ‘calming blend’ of essential oils.

I used:

  1. Put the coconut oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax in the mason jar and place it in the microwave for 20 seconds at a time until it’s all melted together.
  2. Stir.
  3. Add the essential oils.
  4. Let it sit until it becomes solid (usually over night) and you’re done!

The calming blend helps to settle the kids down and gives them a better sleep. My two oldest refuse to go to bed without this lotion on. It started with just a bit on the bottoms of their feet then they started asking to put it on themselves and suddenly they want their entire bodies done! I only let them have a bit on their feet, back, and abdomen. I can honestly say that we have been night terror free since I started using this on them. I’m sure it has a lot to do with peace of mind but they do seem to sleep well when using the calming blend.

DIY Essential Oil Sugar Scrub:

The second concoction I made to fill my mason jars was a sugar scrub. My sister-in-law makes them for her lips, but I had heard of people using them for their entire bodies so I thought I would give it a shot. Why have only smooth lips when your whole body can be as smooth as a baby’s butt? I loved the first one I made so much that I used it all in less than a week and had to make a second batch. The thing with this sugar scrub recipe is it’s quick, easy, and really versatile! You can add almost any essential oil and change the entire dynamic of the scrub!

Here’s how I made it:

  • aprrox. 1/2 cup of sugar
  • 3 tbsp of fractionated coconut oil (or olive oil, or grapeseed oil)
  • 40 drops of Essential oil

1. Mix everything in a big bowl then put it in the mason jar and you are done!

My first recipe was with a ‘joyful blend’ of essential oil. This is one of my favourites! Mmmm it smelled so good! The next batch I made was with Grapefruit Essential Oil which I also really liked. Both were invigorating and helped get my day going.

Using the scrub:

I take the sugar scrub with me right into the shower. I keep the jar away from any direct water, scoop a little out with my finger tips for each leg, arm, abdomen, and even my face! (keep it out of your eyes). Rub it on your skin until the sugar dissolves and when you are all done just give yourself a good rinse and that’s it! Now your skin is shinning and smooth. I will use mine almost everyday, I like it that much. Feel free to experiment with which essential oil you like best! Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint! The possibilities are endless.

What essential oils would you choose to put in your custom sugar scrub?

11 thoughts on “Nightmare Be Gone Lotion with Essential Oils”

  1. This is great and I am bookmarking this for later. My oldest often has night terrors and this would be great to try. WE love essential oils and I love to learn how to use them even more!

  2. I keep hearing a lot about essential oils but I haven’t tried them yet. I am a huge fan of body scrub. I love to use it in the shower at night right before I go to bed. There’s nothing like freshly shaven and scrubbed legs under the covers. It’s the best way to sleep!

  3. I love the idea the nightmares be gone combination. We are just starting to try some new things with essential oils. I love the sugar scrubs we have made a couple of them and love them.

  4. I am familiar with essential oils and love the concept of nightmares be gone too! Thanks for sharing the sugar scrub recipe! This is not on my list to do! I love making homemade remedies with essential oils and using them in my laundry!

  5. I love scrubs, but I have never made one myself. In fact, I’ve never even thought of making a scrub at home. Your recipes make it sound pretty easy, so I think I’ll give it a try. Now I just need to decide on the scent.

  6. This is brilliant! My kiddos don’t have nightmares often but I’d love to have this on hand just in case. Sounds like a great thing to just have. I haven’t been exploring too much into the world of EOs but I’ve been hearing quite a bit. I think I’ll give this a try!

  7. I love this idea to help kiddos sleep better at night. One of my kids has been scaring herself silly with her own imagination every night this week and staying awake WAY past bedtime because of it. I will have to whip this up for her!

  8. I love essential oils. I’ll have to try the sugar scrub – those are always so good for exfoliating. Luckily my kids don’t have any nightmares but this sounds like a great solution for those who do!


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