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Painted Teacup Turns 1 today! Plus exiting essential oil ebook launch

Painted Teacup Turns 1 + Ebook Launch

Painted Teacup Turns 1 today! Plus exiting essential oil ebook launchIt’s been a year… I can’t believe I am writing this post! I published my first blog post 1 year ago today on March 14th 2015! This past year has been an incredible journey! And of course by incredible I mean an emotional roller coaster!

When I started Painted Teacup my goal was to share information about essential oils with others. What I did not plan was creating a wellness blog to encourage, support, and inspire people struggling with chronic pain, mental illness and more. While also sharing information about essential oils. But here we are! I am so grateful to all my reader’s who have allowed my blog to evolve and who have been encouraging me all along!

How am I Celebrating?

I have been receiving many emails from my readers who have essential oils, or who are very interested in essential oils but feel very overwhelmed with all of the information that is out there and simply do not know where to start!

So to solve this problem, I decided to write an ebook called Essential Oils Made Easy: DIY Diffuser & Roller Bottle Recipes!

Since today is a celebration of Painted Teacup turning 1, I decided that it would also be launch day for my ebook Essential Oils Made Easy: DIY Diffuser & Roller Bottle Recipes!

Using and making essential oil blends doesn's have to be hard! Learn how to make simple blends to help naturally support your family's health and wellness!


This book has many features but here are a few of the highlights:

  • 23 Diffuser Recipes (using no more than 2-3 essential oils each)
  • 18 Roller Bottle Recipes (using no more than 2-3 essential oils each)
  • There are multiple recipes for most categories to help you find the one that works best for you and to increase the likelihood that you will have the oils you need on hand!
  • A guide with suggestions on how to use each of the 21 individual essential oils listed in the various recipes. Also included are suggestions on how to use the oils for various concerns and important safety tips you need to know before use.

You can see all of the wonderful features of the book and take a peek at the table of contents here.


Reflecting on the Past Year:

As I mentioned before, this year has been a crazy roller coaster. I probably thought about quitting my blog about 15 times. See… I meant it when I said rollercoaster LOL! It can be so easy to get caught up in statistics (pageviews) and while it is very important to be aware of your stats as this helps you to best serve your audience, it can also be discouraging!

Luckily the number of times I wanted to quit were FAR LESS than the times I was determined to grow my blog!



Last March (2015) I had a total of 482 views for the 2 weeks Painted Teacup had been up for (March 14- March 31).

My total number of pageviews from March 14 2015 – March 13 2016 is 248,551

I have worked very hard to grow my blog to these numbers but from the bottom of my heart, my thanks goes out to all of my wonderful readers who have taken the time to share my posts over the past year! Every share really does help and is truly appreciated!


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It has been an incredible year and I am so thankful for the support from my family, friends, and everyone who has read a post on Painted Teacup! Most of all I would like to thank my amazing blogging friend Adriana Nudo from Daily Dose of Design! Adriana understands all of the hard work that goes into blogging and has been an incredible support and sounding board for me over this past year! To her, I am truly grateful!

My dreams for Painted Teacup continue to grow and I can’t wait to reflect on this post in a year from now! I hope you will continue on this journey with me as we begin the next year!


Don’t Forget to Check out the Book!

Head on over and check out Essential Oils Made Easy: DIY Diffuser & Roller Bottle Recipes! The ebook is on sale for $5.99 until March 24th at which point it will go back up to the original price of $7.99.

Using and making essential oil blends doesn's have to be hard! Learn how to make simple blends to help naturally support your family's health and wellness!

36 thoughts on “Painted Teacup Turns 1 + Ebook Launch”

  1. I know essential oils are quite popular among some folks. I enjoy the fragrance of the lavender oil when used for an air freshener around the house.

  2. How fun to celebrate your first blog anniversary and realize your hard work has helped others. The eBook looks good and is a great achievement. The second year is off to a wonderful start.

  3. Happy Blogaversary and congratulations on your ebook. I have heard great things about essential oils and will have to make it a point to check out your top posts.

  4. Congrats on your blogiversary! You are right, there are so many highs and lows on the journey, but persistence does pay off! Wishing you many more years of success!

  5. Congratulations on your growth and for sticking with your blog! I recall when I hit 10 viewers in one day and then someone from Alaska looked at my site (saw it in my analytics). Very exciting. Persistence is worth it!

  6. This is so exciting. I remember my very first domains that I bought. I’ve come a long way. I continue too look forward to your insight on chronic pain. The stories are all different but there is a common denominator in it. 🙁

  7. Happy 1 year of blogging so much fun! I think it’s so great when blogs reach these milestones. Look forward to more years to come!


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