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Skip the harsh chemicals and replace them with essential oils to naturally clean your home! Here are 4 ways to clean using peppermint essential oil!

How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil to Clean Your Home

Skip the harsh chemicals and replace them with essential oils to naturally clean your home! Here are 4 ways to clean using peppermint essential oil! Have you started your spring cleaning yet? This is something I will be starting in the coming week and I thought I would share some posts on how you can use essential oils to naturally clean your home this Spring! Today I have a wonderful guest post for you written by Nicole of Dream Cleaners London!

In this post Nicole is going to share 4 ways that you can use peppermint essential oil to clean your home!

Without further ado, let’ turn it over to Nicole!

How to Use Peppermint Essential Oil to Clean Your Home


Peppermint Essential Oil Repels Insects

Specialized bug repellents are often rather costly, not to mention using them around your home could be straight out dangerous. Insect repellents are just as toxic to humans as they are to insects, only the fatal doses are much smaller for the little creepy crawlies.

The good news is peppermint oil is an excellent (and safe) way to deter a variety of insects, ranging from ticks, mosquitoes and spiders to ants and cockroaches. You simply need to add 10 to 15 drops of the essential oil to 1 cup of water and mix it in a glass spray bottle. You can use your peppermint bug repellent to spray between the cracks where ants congregate.

Add Peppermint Essential Oil to Your All-Purpose Cleaner

Preparing your own all-purpose cleaner is simple and quick, not to mention using all-natural ingredients is safer for you and your family. The antibacterial properties of the peppermint essential oil make it a wonderful addition to your home-made cleaner.

You will need an old spray bottle, 1/4 cup of white vinegar, and about 30 drops of essential oils. All you have to do is mix the vinegar with 15 drops of peppermint oil and the same amount of lemon oil. Pour the oils and vinegar in your spray bottle (preferably 16 oz.) and fill with water. Shake well and use it to clean and disinfect hard surfaces around your kitchen and bathroom.

Use it as an All-Natural Air Freshener

Instead of wasting money on store-bought air fresheners, you can prep up your own. The peppermint essential oil functions as the centrepiece of many home-made air fresheners due to its invigorating scent. It is said to boost energy levels and improve concentration which makes it perfect for the purpose.

To prepare your home-made air fresher, you need to pour about half a cup of jasmine rice into a small container and add 15 to 20 drops of peppermint essential oil. Stir the rice to disperse the oil evenly and you are done. Dream Cleaning Acton uses jasmine rice as it has a distinctive sweet scent on its own, which will complement that of the peppermint. The rice also holds and disperses the essential oil’s aroma into the air.

Freshen Your Laundry with Peppermint Essential Oil

Fabric softeners might smell lovely but often trigger allergic reactions which might result in skin irritation. You can easily substitute chemical-laden fabric softeners with peppermint oil (or any other essential oil to your liking). The effect will be the same minus the allergic reactions and skin irritation.

There are several options for you. You can either mix your unscented liquid laundry detergent with peppermint oil or add a few drops to your wool dryer balls in the dryer. Please note essential oils tend to dissipate quickly when exposed to high temperatures, which is why it is recommended to add them at the end of the washing cycle.

What’s great about incorporating peppermint oil into your cleaning routine is that it combines well with a wide range of other essential oils. When using peppermint oil, you are facing a staggering number of options and will end up saving a good amount of money on air fresheners and cleaning products in the long run.

Guest Bio:

Nicole is a mother of two small children. She uses essential oils for almost everything! Her favorite recipe is an air freshener with peppermint and tangerine. She owns Dream Cleaning Acton and her clients love the smell afterwards.

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  1. I have a problem Chantal. I have a cat and as you know there is an extensive list of EO to which they are allergic. So far there does not seem to be any suggested oils which I can use for cleaning. Can you help?
    By the way, many thanks for all the info you are willing to share which is helpful and encouraging, not to mention all those annoying lead-ons which make you sit and watch to get info. In the end, all they want, after twenty to thirty minutes of watching is to sell you a pill. Greatly appreciated merci

    • Hi Ruth, great question! This is not something I have ever really considered as I don’t have cats. Cinnamon has great disinfecting properties. From the brief research I have done I haven’t seen concerns regarding cinnamon & cats. That said I would definitely encourage you to do further research before using it. Sorry that I am not more informed on this topic! Chantal


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