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Prime Day US Deals

Monday, July 10th at 9 pm EST – Tuesday, July 11th at 11:59 pm PST get HUGE savings with an Amazon Prime Membership! 

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Tuesday, July 11th Deals

*Note Amazon will not show the sales price until the time listed for each item.

Tuesday, July 11 6:40 am until 12:45 pm EST

16oz Fractionated Coconut Oil $10.00

Tuesday, July 11 6:44 am until 12:45 pm EST

12 Pack of Assorted Bottles & Labels $15.99

Tuesday, July 11 7:20 am

300ml Diffuser

Tuesday, July 11 7:40 am until 1:40 pm EST

24 inch Diffusing Necklace $10,00


Tuesday, July 11 7:44 am until 1:45 pm EST

1 lb Beeswax Pellets $10.99


Tuesday, July 11 8:04 am until 2 pm EST

24 inch Diffusing Necklace $10.00

Tuesday, July 11 8:30 am until 2:30 pm EST

Car Diffuser $12.99


Tuesday, July 11 8:44 am until 2:45pm EST

32oz Grapeseed Oil $14.39

Tuesday, July 11 9:40 am until 3:30 pm EST

180 ml Diffuser $31.99

Tuesday, July 11 9:50 am until 3:50 pm EST

400 ml Diffuser $36.00

Tuesday, July 11 9:50 am until 3:50 pm EST

100 ml Diffuser $10.19

Tuesday, July 11 9:50 am until 3:50 pm (likely to run out earlier)

180 ml Diffuser $23.99

Tuesday, July 11 10:10 am until 4:10 pm EST

Nebulizing Diffuser $77.61

Tuesday, July 11 10:25 am

Essential Oil Case $11.99

Tuesday, July 10 until 4:45 pm EST

Silicone Soap Mold $6.23

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