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How One Word Can Help You Reach Your 2016 Goals.

How One Word Can Help You Reach Your 2016 Goals

How One Word Can Help You Reach Your 2016 Goals. www.paintedteacup.comAs 2015 comes to an end it is time to reflect on the past year and plan for the year ahead. Thinking about 2015 will help you plan for 2016 and will help you to create one word to help you reach your 2016 goals!

How was 2015 for you? Did you reach the goals you wanted? Did you have some failures? How did you learn from those failures? How will you build upon those failures to make 2016 an awesome year?

I am the one asking all the tough questions so it is only fair that I share a bit of how 2015 went for me.

My Successes and Challenges in 2015

I started Painted Teacup in March 2015 and let me tell you it was a very big learning curve, in fact I am still learning daily! I am so thankful for this blog and the friendships I have created through blogging! I am especially thankful for Adriana from Daily Dose of Design who helps keep me sane and accountable for my monthly goals! Seriously having someone you trust to help keep you on track and support you is key, in any area of life!

Through blogging I was able to learn about virtual assistant services! In October my husband Travis, sister Alexa and myself created our own virtual assistant business called Confident Collaborations! We have been so thankful for all of the clients we have been able to work with in 2015 and we are so excited to continue to build the business and work with more clients in 2016!

That being said there were some hard times. There were times I wanted to give up blogging, throw in the towel and forget it all. I also had significant health struggles in 2015 which made day to day functioning very challenging. Thankfully I have learned to manage my symptoms better and I am hoping and working towards a healthier and positive 2016. Thankfully my husband and biggest supporter has been by my side all year long and I know we can handle anything that comes at us this upcoming year, the good and the bad (though we hope this is limited)!

Ok enough about me, let’s talk about how you can choose/find one word to help you reach your 2016 goals.


How One Word Can Help You Reach Your 2016 Goals

The idea is that you pick one word (yes, only one!) as a goal/hope for how your life will look in the upcoming year.

I found this to be a very challenging exercise to do! I wanted to choose multiple words (I think this is human nature) however everyone is very clear that you are to pick ONE WORD. The thought is that picking multiple words distracts your focus making it very hard to achieve your word.


How do You Pick Your Word

Think about all of your areas of your life: personal, financial, career, family etc. What are your hopes for each of these area for the upcoming year?


Here is How I Picked My Word for 2016


I would like to become healthier in 2016. Yes I would like to lose weight but I would also like to live a healthier lifestyle in general. Eating healthy, sleeping properly, self-care etc.


Virtual Assistant Business: We started our virtual assistant business, Confident Collaborations in October and we have been very happy with the progress we have made so far. We are excited to continue to grow the business in 2016!

Blog: I have been so excited with the growth in page views and viewers here at Painted Teacup during the past 9 months! I plan to work hard in 2016 to continue to grow the blog and create my own digital products (ebooks, webinars, courses) to sell through the blog in 2016!

Debt & Saving: 2016 will be about paying off debt (credit card/student loans) and getting serious about having a savings/emergency fund.


I look forward to continue to learn and develop my skills at my day job. I also hope to move from temporary to permanent status at my current job!

Based on what I would like to see in these areas of my life I came up with my word!

My word for 2016 is GROWTH!

Like I said before, this exercise does take a bit of time to complete but it really helps you to become clear about what your goals are and helps you to come up with your word for 2016!

This is a very basic explanation as to how you can pick your word! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you go over to Christine Kane’s website and download her FREE Word of the Year Discovery Tool! This is such an in-depth and helpful freebie, you will be so thankful to have it!

Now that you have your word of the year, you can use it to help build your vision board for the upcoming year! Here is a fabulous guest post about how to create a vision board!

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